Juanje Trujillo Riding Custom S&M Hoder Bars

If this doesn't inspire you to ride your bike, then I don't know what will...

23 Dec 2014

Filmed and Edited by Yoni Cadenas.

Juanje Trujillo is a BMX rider from Spain, who is missing a portion of his left arm, but hasn't let that deter him from pursuing his love for BMX. Recently he broke his handlebars and was in need of a pair designed for his unique needs. With the help of 4130 Juanje was able to get in touch with S&M, who fabricated a custom pair of Hoder bars just the way Juanje wanted them. The new bars came with a few inches of additional rise beyond his previous custom bars, and seem to have already aided in the progression of his riding. Juanje's video made my day, it was truly inspiring to see.