Karrem's Plan feat. Lil BMXFU

Kareem goes to Ontario

27 Apr 2018

Filmed and edited by BMXFU

Kareem hits up Canada for his latest episode to scope the much anticipated new FU666 video. It's sweet that Kareem gave away his bike, locals looked hyped. Drake ain't got shit!

"Kareem decided to give away his bike at the BMXFU 420 jam to some deserving young bikers. 

BTM Frame: $355

Pitchfork: $130

Wheels: $300

Fit Indent Cranks: $170

Hoder Bars: $70

S&M Seat/Post: $65

Not having to pay more for baggage fees than the price of the plane ticket home because Kareem can’t figure out how to fly with his bike: PRICELESS." - S&M Bikes


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