Kevin Peraza - VANS Old Skool Pro BMX Support Group

“Feel Support’d”

12 Feb 2019

Video by VANS

"Kevin Peraza finds unreal support and pedal feel with the Old Skool pro BMX featuring WaffleCup." - VANS

Highlighting Vans’ unrivaled support and durability in the new shoe, the brand’s “Feel Support’d” global campaign embraces the tone of a self-help support group led by Vans WaffleCup mascot Krispy Von Krunchworthy. Vans will play host to local “BMX Support Group” events around the world to further extend support for this beloved Vans community. 

Monday 18th February - Area 51, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Tuesday 19th February - Broś & Gerland Skatepark, Lyon, France

Wednesday 20th February – The Source, Hastings, UK

Thursday 21st February – House of Vans London, UK

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