PRODUCTIVITY: Kevin Peraza & The New VANS Old Skool Pro BMX

Endorsing a New BMX-engineered Shoe Design

12 Feb 2019

Sp19 Bmx Old Skool Pro Bmx Vn0 A45 Juvg5 Peraza Blk Chk Elv Ang Pair4


Well, this sure is awesome! Vans have updated their classic waffle sole into something a little bit more supportive and resistant for us lot on two wheels. The Wafflecup BMX construction provides "unrivaled support and durability without having to sacrifice precious pedalfeel. A herringbone underlayer adds a second life beneath Vans’ classic gum rubber compound that has a more rigid flex pattern—all reinforced like a tank. Designed, tested, and approved by today’s top riders." Get all the info below and snag a pair at

Sp19 Bmx Old Skool Pro Bmx Vn0 A45 Juvg5 Peraza Blk Chk Elv Macro1

Built with a rigid ex-pattern, Vans Wafflecup BMX features a herringbone underlayer on the outsole that extends the life beneath Vans’ classic gum rubber compound. Fabricated in black and checkerboard suede and canvas uppers and his name emblazoned on the tongue, Kevin Peraza’s custom endorsed colorway of the Old Skool Pro BMX is the most progressive BMX shoe from Vans to date. Equipped with UltraCush HD footbeds and Duracap-reinforced uppers, this all-new Vans Pro Classic silhouette also features BMX-specific medial side support for extra crank and pedal protection.

Sp19 Bmx Old Skool Pro Bmx Vn0 A45 Juvg5 Peraza Blk Chk Elv Ang Pair2
Sp19 Bmx Peraza Collection

Rounding out Vans’ partnership with Kevin Peraza are two t-shirts featuring Southwest desert inspired graphics on the back and chest, as well as arrows, lightning bolts and cactus visuals along the arms of the long-sleeved tee.

Sp19 Bmx Old Skool Pro Bmx Kevin Peraza Scanned

Born and raised by a thoroughbred BMX family in Tucson, Arizona, X Games Dirt and Park Gold medalist Kevin Peraza is a rare hybrid of street, dirt and park riding wrapped up in one giant smile on wheels. One of the top riders on the Vans BMX Pro Cup tour, Kevin has played tourist worldwide, while traveling the to the far reaches of earth in search of the elusive hand rail, dirt jump, transition or even a curb-cut to blast. Kevin’s riding style and skillset is only matched by his positive attitude, which is always on point.

Sp19 Bmx Old Skool Pro Bmx Vn0 A45 Juvg5 Peraza Blk Chk Ang Pair

Highlighting Vans’ unrivaled support and durability in the new shoe, the brand’s “Feel Support’d” global campaign embraces the tone of a self-help support group led by Vans WaffleCup mascot Krispy Von Krunchworthy. Vans will play host to local “BMX Support Group” events around the world to further extend support for this beloved Vans community. 

Monday 18th February - Area 51, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Tuesday 19th February - Broś & Gerland Skatepark, Lyon, France

Wednesday 20th February – The Source, Hastings, UK

Thursday 21st February – House of Vans London, UK

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Kevin Peraza’s Old Skool Pro BMX and signature apparel is available now. Visit to learn more about the campaign and to find an authorized dealer near you.