In The Dead Of Winter

A Private Session with 4Down at Rush Skatepark UK

13 Feb 2019


Words and photos: Fooman / 4Down

"In the dead of the UK winter not much happens in BMX. It’s cold, the weather is bleak and the desire to go outside, let alone go out on your bike, is pretty slim. We wanted to put a little something on for the 4Down family and invited a bunch of shops and their crews along with any of the 4Down riders available to have a private session in the warm (-1) setting of Rush Skatepark in Stroud, UK. 

Thank you to everyone in attendance and thank you to Rush Skatepark for having us come through. - Fooman


Isaac Lesser - Toothpick

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Bomber - Pole Jam bars.


Emerson Morgan - Switch Whip


Tariq Haouche - 180.

Harry Tbog

Harry Mills-Wakley - Toboggan

Isaac Can Jam

Isaac Lesser - Can Jam

SCB at 4Down

6 Jan 2015