Setups: Sem Kok

And his Fly Bikes Sierra V2

19 Feb 2019

Sem Kok Setups

Photos by Rob Dolecki and Fernando Marmolejo

Dutch transition ripper Sem Kok was blasting all over the place in 2018, whether it was the Vans BMX Pro Cup or the Battle Of Hastings, he kept it pinned all the time. Sem just built up a new Fly Sierra V2 so we thought we'd take a closer look at what sends him into space all the time...

Sem Kok Setups2

Full Name: Sem Kok

Hometown: America, The Netherlands

Current Residence: America, The Netherlands

Sponsors:  Flybikes, Oakley, Rocknrolldistro, Soulcyclebmxshop, Fox Exclusivesportswear

Sem Kok Setups3
Sem Kok Setups4
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Sem Kok Setups13

Battle Of Hastings. Photo by Rob Dolecki.

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Every rider has that one part they just love; if you had to pick one you’d never change, what would it be?

I really like the Fly Ruben Aluminium pedals they are the best!  

What have you been up to recently? Plans for 2019?

I really wanna make it to most of the Vans BMX Pro Cup stops this year!  Looking forward to go back to the Woodyard Trails and many other trips!

How did you get on Fly?

I rode the Vans BMX Pro Cup stop in Malaga Spain back in 2017. I got a chat with John Povah and it all started from there.  

Who were your inspirations when you started riding?

I still get very inspired watching Dan Foley ride.

Dream travel location?

I always wanted to go to Posh and Catty Trails.


Vans BMX Pro Cup. Photo by Fernando Marmolejo.

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