The BMX Work Ethic is Alive and Kicking in Surrey, UK

20 Feb 2019

Dig Thumb Site Sam Eclat

Photos: Jacob Power

Hailing from the leafy suburbs of Surrey in England, Sam Chamberlain dug real deep (literally) for this one, and came away with a video which will make you want to get off the couch and go ride your bike no matter the weather. Find out a little more about Sam, what he rides, and why Éclat have picked him up below...


R001 013

Sam's Street Tough Éclat Set Up

Frame: Fly Fuego

Fork: EclatStorm 25mm

Bars: Eclat Chocolate 9”, 25.4mm OS clamping

Stem: Eclat Metra, 25.4mm OS clamping

Pegs: Eclat Venom 4.5"

Headset: WTP Compact

BB: Eclat mid 22mm

Cranks: WTP Prototype 165mm

Tires: Eclat Fireball 2.40"

Grips: Eclat Pulsar, ODI made

Sprocket: Eclat ELEVATE Prototype

Pedals: Eclat AK

Seat: Eclat Bios Tripod

Seat post: Eclat Tripod

Hubs: Eclat Cortex front and Cortex free coaster rear

Rims: Eclat Bondi front and back

R001 019
R001 030
R001 016

Sam somehow found this concrete bowl hidden in a wood and took the time to dig it out. When we say time, we mean hours and hours, on his own. Thats dedication.

Img 6489


Img 6490


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"Sam Chamberlain first popped up on my radar last year when he dropped a hammer of a video part containing a bunch of clips filmed at many of my old local spots in the suburbs of leafy Surrey. Being pretty chuffed to see the BMX scene back home alive and thriving, I did some digging and eventually got to know Sam through a few friends back home. In an age where most riders are wanting to upload their best clips onto "the gram" before they’ve even pulled the rollback, Sam understands the importance of hard work, patience and perfection. 

Taking the time to create something that not only looks good but a project that he’s proud of; Sam’s attitude towards riding and BMX in general aligned perfectly with us as a brand so it only made sense to bring him into the Éclat family. A solid trick/spot selection and an eye for creativity, Sam’s riding is technical, but well balanced, never doing anything more than the spot or the clip needed. Spending the past 6 months working on his first éclat project, Sam dug deep (quite literally) and came away with another video which will make you want to get off the couch and go ride your bike no matter the weather." - Dave Paterson/Éclat

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