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An in-depth look into Ricany's smith-nose-bar vehicle...

18 Apr 2017

Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 01

Words and photos by Rob Dolecki

Sean Ricany has been a vagabond of sorts in recent months, primarily camping out in Trey Jones' backyard in Florida, in between events like the recent Vans Street Invitational. We were able to catch up with Sean and got the specs on his latest whip that's outfitted in 100% Cult goods from grips to tires.

Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 02
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 06

Frame: Cult SOS Ricany colorway, 21”TT

Fork: Cult

Headset: Cult

Stem: Cult Salvation V2

Bar: Cult AK, 9.65” rise

Grips: Cult Ricany

Seat: Cult/ Further collab

Post: Cult

Cranks: Cult Hawk, 170mm

Sprocket: Cult guard, 25t

BB: Cult

Pedals: Cult Dak

Chain: Cult half-link

Wheels: Cult Match rim, Cult Freecoaster, 9t

Tires: Cult Dehart, 2.4"

Pegs: Cult Butter 4.5”

Kicks: Vans Classic slip-on, black/black

Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 10
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 11
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 04
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 03

Favorite part?

My grips, because they are made by ODI. They are super-soft compound, and when you get them out of the package they feel like they’re broken in already.

Newest part?

I just put on a whole new front-end and tires.

Oldest part?

I’ve had my seat post since I got on Cult a little over a year ago.

Why do you choose running a freecoaster over a cassette?

I was staying in San Diego at Garrett’s house, and put on an extra freecoaster and rode the flat rail in front of the house, and never took it off. It makes just a session in a parking lot fun.

Do you do any modifications to your bike?

Not really; I run everything as-is.

Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 07
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 05
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 08
Ricany Setups 2017 Rd 09

You’ve been on Cult for a little over a year now.

 Dude, I seriously couldn’t be more stoked. It’s the first brand I worked with that I feel I have a personal relationship with everyone that works there. Plus riding with Andrew and Dakota on a daily has been amazing. I have been so stoked on all my signature stuff; everything has came out exactly the way I wanted, which I feel is pretty hard with some brands. Also, I have been living with Veesh and that’s been sick as hell, filming whenever we feel. 

How was your winter?

I mean in So. Cal. there isn’t much of a winter, BUT I do drive five hours to Mammoth pretty much every week to go snowboarding. Being from the East Coast, I still have this secret love for the cold weather. 

How was camping in Trey’s yard?

It’s actually been really awesome. I wake up every morning and get to ride the ramps, my dog can chase lizards, (Laughter). I am enjoying different things lately, being home in So. Cal. got a bit too comfortable.

 How was the Vans comp?

Amazing, seriously; it’s two blocks from my house so was super easy and mellow for me. I ride there so often, but being able to ride all the practice sessions and contest with all the guys from all over was so dang fun. 

Plans for rest of 2017? 

Not really sure as of now. I’m kinda playing it by ear. I do need to drive back across country sometime soon. But other than that no secure plans. I’m rolling with whatever comes at me.

Sean is supported by Official DIG Partners: Cult | Vans

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