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Spring Has Sprung

20 Apr 2017

Eclat 2017 All

Photos by Eclat

For the ones of us north of the equator we've finally seen some signs of spring rearing its beautiful head so now's the time to get the land vessel in tip top shape. Eclat have always got some cutting edge new gear on the go and this year is no different. Feast your eyes...

Eclat Ak Guard Sprocket 01

AK Guard Sprocket

Creator of all things cool, Alex Kennedy touched his magic wand upon this Guard sprocket and we reckon it looks pretty damn on point. Designed with the guard to fit IN the sprocket and not just on the surface, this thing should stand up to all the bashin' and sliding you can muster. This thing is made out of the same white coat tested Nylon/Fibreglass material used in Eclat's Venom Pegs and AK’s signature pedal so you know it's legit.

Material: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc sprocket and nylon/fibreglass replaceable guard

Sizes: 25t or 28t

Thickness: 8mm thick sprocket, 10mm thick guard

Axlebore: 23.8mm

Colors: black

Weight: 25t - 150g (5.29oz) 28t - TBA


Ak Guard Both

Storm Fork

Eclat 2017 Storm Fork 25 Black 02

Eclat have dubbed this the strongest fork they've ever made, backed up with over two years of research and development and the promise of a lifetime guarantee they must be pretty sure of their product. Available with offsets of 25mm or 20mm for all the twitchiness you require.

Steerer: 170mm

Dropouts: CNC machined laser cut 5mm thick
heat-treated 4130 crmo, 3/8" (10mm) slot 

Offset: 25mm or 30mm

Topbolt: M24 thread, 6061-T6 alloy

Colors: black, c.p.

Weight: 1015g (35.8oz) 30mm offset


Eclat 2017 Storm Fork 25 Blck Persp

Slot Machine Peg

Eclat 2017 Slotmachine Peg 114 04

Need some noise in your life? Maybe you need to switch back to metal, because after all - steel is real. To be fair though, these aren't even made out of steel - they're butted, liquid heat-treated 4140 crmo featuring 5 bore holes, between 5 slick cut-outs to save on the grams. 

Sizes: 3/8" or 14mm

Length: 4.13" or 4.5"

Outer Diameter: 35mm

Colours: raw

Features smaller diameter / double-butted dent prevention design /  / sold as single

Weight: 179g (6.31oz : 0.39lbs) (per piece)


Wave Headset

Eclat 2017 Wave Headset 02

Remember how much fun it was to bang cups into headtubes back in the day? Since then headsets have got a whole lot smarter and easier to fit. A mid-stack 16mm topcap and x2 3mm spacer keep you right. Clean. Simple.

Material: 6061-T6 alloy cnc machined, high-end sealed bearings

Colours: black

Features: supplied with two 3mm spacers, variable stack heights between 16-22mm possible.

Weight: 65g (2.3oz) (includes everything)


Eclat 2017 Wave Headset 01

Mirage Tire

Eclat 2017 Mirage Tire 05

Could it be? Is it really... yup, it's the new super light Mirage street tire from Eclat. Good for the streeters and suitable for the ramp heads too with a 120tpi casing (Threads Per Inch, duh!), bead-to-bead “Silkshiled” protection layer, an outer ridge to protect sidewalls, and rated up to 110psi. 

Available in Kevlar folding bead, and regular wire bead

Sizes: 2.25″ (57.5mm) and 2.35″ (60mm)


Eclat 2017 Mirage Tire 02

Pulsar Grip

Eclat 2017 Pulsar Grip Group 02

Grips... not much to them but so important. One of the first points of contact to your bike so you better make sure their soft 'n' grippy. The Pulsar grip is a flangeless mushroom style made in the USA by ODI grips using their super soft rubber compound that's stood the test of time on many callused hands. Includes the new USA made eclat nylon barends.

Size: 165mm x 29.5mm

Colours: black, gum, red, army green

Weight: 168g (5.90oz)


Eclat 2017 Pulsar Grip Purple 01

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