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7 Of The Best For 2016

21 Jan 2016

Productivity Freeecosater Completes Intro

By Kerr Bilsland

Completes have improved drastically in recent years with LHD and coaster options now being readily available right of off the shelf from a lot of quality brands. Sure you might find a cheaper (and worse) option from a company who will be here for ten minutes and solely aim to make a quick buck but there are also those who believe devoutly in selling quality bikes and giving back to the riders who are out there killing it on the daily. You might be bursting at the seams to get involved but take a second to make sure you’re really putting your money where your mouth is and get yourself something that’ll keep you buzzing for the long run. Here's a selection of 2016 Freecoaster completes from proven bands that you can put your trust in.


With numerous classic DVD sections under his belt and the long running relationship United and Corey have you know what to expect when you see Corey’s name on anything whether it be a new video part or his 2016 complete... it’s going to be solid. Coming with a healthy amount of aftermarket United parts and full Chromoly frame and fork this will treat you right. If there's a rider's signature complete that you can be proud to call your own then you don't need to look any further. 

Martinez  Fc Red Side

Features & Specs:

TT: 20.65” / HT: 75° / CS: 13.25” / SO: 9” / BB: 11.8” / ST: 71°

• 100% 4130 cromo frame with removable mounts and guides

• Top tube & down tube gusset with embossed logo

• Integrated head tube

• Good clearance for 2.4” tyres

• 100% 4130 cromo tapered forks with integrated bearing race

• 100% 4130 cromo 8.85” rise bars

• 175mm cromo heat treated 3 pc cranks with stamped united logo

• Sealed mid bottom bracket

• United Valentino nylon pedals

• 14mm sealed freecoaster hub

• United supreme 36h sealed female bolt front hub

• Double wall 36h rims

• United supreme 410x chain

• 25t alloy United sprocket

• United flangeless grips

• United Supreme 52mm stem

• United Martinez fat padding pivotal seat

• United Direct 2.4 tyres front and rear

• 4 x 100mm steel pegs

Weight: 24 lbs / 10.88 kg

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Martinez  Fc Red Rear Stem Grande
Martinez  Fc Red Seat Grande

WeThePeople Reason FC

The cheapest freecoaster complete we are featuring, which in no way means just because it is affordable it comes stock with lacklustre parts. The perfect intro bike for today’s teenager, maybe your mate who’s always taking your whip for a ride at the local? Coming with a shorter off-set fork and higher standover for 2016 you’ll find this very similar to what the WTP team riders are currently on. With those new pegs you just got in the box you won’t want to ruin those hubs right? Well the Reason comes with nylon hub guards included so no worries there. 

Wtp Bmx 2016 Reason Fc Black 03

Features & Specs:

TT: 20.75” / CS: 13.5” / HT: 75° / ST: 71.5° / BB: 11.75” / SO: 8.75”

• 4130 crmo Downtube, Top Tube & Chain Stay, tapered Seat Stay and Chain Stay 

• SALTPLUS “EX” fork, full 4130 crmo with 28mm offset

• Full 4130 4PC Chromo bars

• Stem: SALT “PRO V2” top loading stem, 50mm reach

• Cranks: SALT “Expert” tubular 3pc "TSS" crank crmo 170mm, 8 spline

• BB: SALT “Mid” 19mm, press fit, sealed bearing

• Pedals:  SALTPLUS “Stealth” loose ball, nylon/fiberglass pedals

• Chain: SALT “AM” chain, 510h type

• Sprocket SALT “Pro V2” 6061-T6 alloy, 26t sprocket

• Front Hub: SALT “EX” hub, sb, 3/8”s female bolts, 36h

• Rear Hub: SALTPLUS “PRO" freecoaster hub, full sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h 

• Hubguards: SALTPLUS "PRO" Nylon/Fibreglass front & rear hubguards

• Front/Rear Rim: SALTPLUS “Summit” straight double wall rim, 36h

• Seat: WETHEPEOPLE "Reason" fat padded tripod seat

• Tires: SALTPLUS “Sting” 2.4" front / 2.3" rear

• Pegs: SALT “AM” steel pegs (1 pair)

Weight: 11.8kg / 26.1lbs without pegs & brakes

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Wtp Bmx 2016 Reason Fc Black 05
Wtp Bmx 2016 Reason Fc Black 15

Fly Bikes Omega

Fly are the latest brand to add a freecoaster complete to their arsenal, The Omega comes displaying some new age geometry with a 21” top tube, high 9.25” standover, 75.5 degree head tube angle and 13.2 backend. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your more juvenile setup or enter BMX a little later on the Omega has you set to tackle all of today’s plaza/street trickery.

Productivity Completes  Omega  Diagonal

Features & Specs:

TT: 21” / CS: 13.2” / SO: 9.25” / BB: 11.75” / ST: 71°

• Full chromoly frame with integrated chain tensioners and integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs with removable brake mounts

• Chromoly fork with 1-pc steerer tube and 25mm offset

• Fly Alta 2 topload stem

• 9" chromoly bars

• Fly Devon grips

• Fly Springhanger U-brake and Manual lever

• 3-pc chromoly Trebol cranks with sealed Mid BB

• 25T Fly Tractor sprocket

• 14mm Trebol sealed freecoaster hub with 9T driver

• 3/8" Trebol sealed FA front hub

• 36H Fly Piramide double-wall rims

• Fly Ruben Rampera tires

• Fly Devon 2 Tripod seat

• Fly Ruben PC pedals.

Weight: 11.5 kg / 25.3 lb

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Haro SDV2 - Dennis Enarson Signature

Dennis Enarson’s complete is virtually the same bike you can find him shredding everyday in San Diego. Even featuring his signature Demolition parts this bike was made to be ridden fast and hard, although we can’t promise you’ll inherit Dennis’ god-like riding, it will definitely set you on the right track.


Features & Specs:

TT: 21” / CS: 13.75” / BB: 11.5” / ST: 71° HT: 75°

- Dennis Enarson signature Haro SDV2 frame

• Dennis Enarson signature Haro SD fork

• Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Rig bars

• Aftermarket Demolition Enarson grips

• Premium 2-pc cranks with 48 spline spindle to increase strength

• Aftermarket Haro Lineage sprocket to increase strength

• KMC half link chain

• Rear freecoaster hub

• Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Rig tires

• Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Markit seat

• Aftermarket Demolition Trooper PC pedals

Weight: 10.6 kg (23.4 lbs)

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2016  Haro  Sdv2  Olive  Detail 5
2016  Haro  Sdv2  Olive  Detail 1

FIT BENNY 3 - Ben Lewis Signature

Benny has an amazing four signature completes for 2016 but this is his freecoaster model. If you’ve seen Benny’s riding you know he needs a frame made to ride in all the steep nooks and crannies possible. That’s why the 3 comes with the same geo you’d find on Benny's signature frame, also including a substantial amount of FIT aftermarket parts, there’s a reason Benny put his name on this!

2016  Benny 3  Right1

Features & Specs:

TT: 20.75” / CS: 13.11″ / HT: 75.5° / ST: 69° / BB: 11.6″ / SO: 8.25″

• Chromoly front triangle frame and chainstays, integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs and removable brake mounts

• Chromoly fork with 1-pc steerer tube and tapered legs

• Fit frontload stem

• 8.85" chromoly 4-pc bars

• Fit Benny grips chromoly 3-pc Indented cranks with sealed Mid BB

• 25T Fit Key style alloy sprocket

• 14mm sealed freecoaster hub with 9T driver

• 3/8" sealed FA front hub

• 36H Revenge double-wall rims

• Fit FAF 2.3" tires

• Fit Barstool Pivotal seat

• Fit Mac PC pedals

• 2 steel pegs.

Weight: 11.56 KG (25.5 lbs)

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Benny 3  Matte Purple 0464
Benny 3  Matte Purple 0467

Kink SXTN - Sean Sexton Signature

Coming in Guinness black, Sean Sexton’s complete is an ode to the man himself. The bike features somewhat classic geometry for a good all rounder. If you think you need the shortest backend and steepest headtube to do a feeble hard 180 just have a peek at some of Sean’s video sections to realize sometimes it's better to have something sturdy underneath you rather than something squirrely. Kink has also gone in on making sure you get your money's worth, offering parts your favourite Kink riders ride and trust themselves. 

Bike Sxtn K480blk16 Flat

Features & Specs:

TT: 21″ / CS: 13.75″ / HT: 75° / ST: 71° / BB: 11.75″ 

• Full chromoly frame with no brake mounts or cable guides for a clean look, integrated headtube

• Chromoly fork with tapered legs and 1-pc steerer tube

• Kink Highrise topload stem

• 8.75" Kink Human chromoly bars

• Kink Ace grips

• LHD Kink Ridge 3-pc cranks with sealed Mid BB

• 25T Kink Bedlam 7075-T6 sprocket

• 3/8" sealed FA front hub

• 14mm sealed LHD freecoaster hub with 9T driver

• 36H Mission Mylar double-wall rims

• Kink Wright 2.4" tires

• Kink SXTN Pivotal seat

• Kink Hemlock nylon/fiberglass pedals.

Weight: 11.1 kg (24.6 lbs)   

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Bike Sxtn Bk480blk16 Crop
Bike Sxtn K480blk16 Flat Crop2

Verde Luxe FX

Coming in a subtle and understated matte black, with a flash of chrome, the Verde Luxe FX is one of the cleanest looking completes around. We've been familiar with Verde's most prestigious complete for a while now but this year sees the introduction of a freecoaster model for the first time. The Cinema FX comes as standard and the bike is available in both left and right hand drive. If you're still stuck in the past there is also a cassette version which is switchable. Tony Neyer's signature 9" bars take care of things upfront and 2.4" tyres front and rear are a nice addition. Grab this one while you can as supplies are limited.

2016 Verde Luxe

Features & Specs:

TT: 21” / CS: 13.5″ / HT: 74.5° / ST: 71° / BB: 11.7″ / SO: 8.6″

• 100% chromoly frame w/ CNC machined integrated head tube, Reynolds 520 butted chromoly down tube, Mid BB, integrated seat post clamp, top tube gusset w/ Verde logo, removable brake mounts, investment cast brake bridge,

• Verde Regent+ Fork, 100% chromoly w/ 1-piece CNC machined steerer tube, tapered legs, threaded compression bolt

• Verde Neyer Pro bars, 100% chromoly, 9” rise

• Verde Regent stem CNC machined top load, 50mm reach

• Sealed integrated headset

• Cinema FX freecoaster w/ 14mm hollow axle, 9-tooth bushing driver

• Cinema VX2, 3/8” female axle

• Verde Neutra sprocket, 27-tooth, CNC machined 7075 aluminum

• Verde Neutra cranks, tubular chromoly 2.5-piece, 175mm (left and right hand drive compatible)

• Verde 22mm sealed Mid bottom bracket

• MK 918 half link chain, black

• DUO Resilite pedals

• Cinema 777, double wall, back and front

• 2.4” DUO High Street tire (110psi)

• Verde V Microfiber Pivotal seat

• DUO Resilite Pivotal seatpost

• Integrated seat clamp, brazed

• DUO Homan flangeless grips w/ DUO Resilite bar ends

• Weight: 11.6 kgs (25 lbs 10oz)

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Verde Coaster 2
Verde Freecoaster

Thanks to our official DIG partners: UnitedWTPFlyHaroFITKinkVerde