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15 Dec 2015

Eclat Product Screen

By Kerr Bilsland

For this latest productivity feature we’re taking a swift look at Eclat's 2016 product line. Eclat have always been highly regarded for the innovative design that they've brought to BMX products and from the looks of their 2016 line that progression just keeps going. Take a look through and then head to for more info.


The plastic versus metal argument is a longstanding one with many companies trying to create a hybrid, Eclat seem to be on the cusp of ending that debate though with their new Contra pedal. Do you love having light pedals that are going to slide a beezer doing pedal grinds but need more grip and durability than plastic pins can offer? The Contra comes featuring medal pins on just one side offering you the grip you’ll no doubt desire but the sliding capability metal platforms and pins can’t offer.

Eclat  Contra  Pedal 2016 10

Made out of injection molded nylon / fibreglass. Available in black, dark gum and dark purple.


- knurled top surface 

- replaceable pins on one side to improve pedal life

- crmo spindle

- slim lightweight design

Weight: 389g (13.72oz : 0.85lbs) (per pair)

Eclat  Contra  Pedal 2016 08
Eclat  Contra  Pedal 2016 07


Like most parts companies in BMX, Eclat have spent the last few years trying to make a robust and reliable freecoaster and it looks like they may have accomplished just that. Using the new O-ring system and adding an integrated “stop ring” Eclat sought to change the problem most riders faced with traditional freecoaster hubs. Now you get a hub that won’t suffer from the sideways play that often plagues coasters and switching out the traditional ball and spring with a high quality rubber O-ring and a long lasting steel spring your hub will require minimal maintenance and stay rolling smooth. Also expect a big quarter crank of slack pre-set into the hub because no one wants to have the chance of looping out when it matters most.

Eclat  Cortex  Freecoaster  Hub 2016 05

Made out of 6061-T6 alloy hub-shell. Available in black, red or high polished.


-Unique freecoaster mechanism featuring our IOS (internal o-ring system) for superior performance

- Large slack setting pre-installed

- Adjustable slack

- Available in RSD or LSD

- Allen key inner axle for easy maintenance

- Compatible with Eclat Nylon/Fibreglass hub guards

- 14mm hollow bore hardened heat-treated crmo axle

- 2 high quality Japanese bearings in the hub, x2 bearings and support bushing in the driver

Weight: 671g (23.6oz)

Eclat  Cortex  Freecoaster  Hub  Guard 2016 03


The Bondi rim has been around for a few years now but there’s a very good reason Eclat have kept it in production. Flash welded for strength and featuring a wide design to spread out the impact force when you’re landing heavy. This is a no bullshit rim that’s made to hold up to lots of abuse while being easy on your wallet. 

Eclat  Bondi  Xl  Rim 2016 01
Eclat  Bondi  Xl  Rim 2016 03

Made out of 6066-T6 alloy, flash welded.

Size: 37x17mm 36h only

Colors: Black, High Polished


- unique wider design with double cavity for extra strength

- straight sidewalls for brake use

Weight: 538g (18.98oz : 1.18lbs)


Everyone knows how hard Bruno goes so when he’s rolling up to something he needs to be gripping something that’ll leave him with no doubt in his mind. The Bruno grip will leave you with just that, thinner than most grips you’ll get an instant feeling of comfort as you would with a grip you’d worn in but using Vex Kraton materiel they’ll be incredibly soft and long lasting. 


Eclat  Bruno  Grip 2016 08
Eclat  Bruno  Grip 2016 12

Material: Vex Kraton 

Hardness: 25°

Size: 164mm x 28mm

Colors: black, grey/black marble, red/black marble, classic gum


- incl. éclat nylon corkx bar ends with steel shim for longer life

- Bruno Hoffmann signature grip

- simple ribbed pattern, thinner diameter

- Frankfurt skyline on end of grip

- new Vex material for longer life and softer feeling grip

Weight: 100g (3.52oz) (per pair without bar ends)


The Venom peg was designed with the idea of giving the plastic peg a sleeker look. Even though the Venom is smaller in diameter than most that doesn’t mean you’ll be burning through sleeves. The venom uses a steel core rather than aluminum which in turn means a thinner metal core can be used resulting in a smaller diameter peg but not affecting the thickness of the plastic. Eclat use a special nylon/fiberglass compound for their sleeve and are 4.5mm thick so you’ll be grinding on one of these for a while before switching them out.

Eclat  Venom  Peg 4 Inch 2016 03

Material: 4140 crmo liquid heat-treated with separate nylon/fiberglass sleeve

Size: 14mm axle, adapter included for 3/8"

Length: 4" (101mm) or 4.5" (114mm)

Outer Diameter: 38mm

Colors: black, dark gum


- low friction nylon/fiberglass for faster grinding

- sold as single

- small diameter plastic peg with super thick long lasting sleeve

Weight: 180g (6.34oz)

Eclat  Venom  Peg 4 Inch 2016 06
Eclat  Venom  Peg All 2016


Eclat haven’t skipped out on anything for the RS. It takes a lot to meet the demands of Eclat's team riders but it’s been vigorously tested and proven to hold its own whilst producing a clean-cut look.

Material: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc

Size: 25t, 26t, or 28t

Thickness: 6.35mm

Axlebore: 23.8mm

Colors: black, red, high polished

Eclat  Rs  Sprocket 2016 07


- 6061-T6 alloy

- runs directly on 24mm spindle

- supplied with adapters for 19mm & 22mm spindles

- sinked adapter for better chain alignment

Weight: 25t: 70g (2.46oz : 0.15lbs)

Eclat  Rs  Sprocket 2016 10


The OZ V2 isn’t just your stock seat picked out of a catalogue, Eclat designed the shape and base construction from the ground up giving it a distinguished look. The seat is fat padded for comfort so its perfect for those long hauls home.

Eclat  Oz  Fat  Pivotal  Seat 2016 11

Material: 100% polypropylene base, cordura or faux-leather, top cover

Colors: black, brown, desert camo


- custom developed shape and base construction

- designed by éclat

- New shape fat padding

Weight: 340g (11.99oz : 0.74lbs)

Eclat  Oz  Fat  Pivotal  Seat 2016 16


Every rider's nightmare is getting a flat but with the Fireball tire that could be a thing of the past. Coming with a puncture resistant Nylon Layer no more will you be forced to look for a shitty MTB bike shop to get you back in the session on a street ride. Also including an updated grind friendly sidewall these tire will be with you for the long haul.

Eclat  Fireball  Tire 2016 07

Material: 80 tpi construction, wire bead

Size: 2.3" or 2.4"

Colors: black, dark gum - black sidewall, dark purple - black sidewall


- NEW revised grind friendly design for 2016

- high rated pressure 100 PSI

- puncture resistant nylon layer

Weight: 2.3" 737g (25.9oz)

You can find these products at Source BMX and Dans Comp


1 Dec 2015