Productivity - Eclat Winter 16/17

Will Those Forks Fit Down The Chimney?

5 Dec 2016

Eclat 2017 Storm Fork 25 Cp 02

Images courtesy of Eclat

Eclat have a whole host of new product that just dropped so we picked out ten of the best for a closer look, including the new Seeker pedal, their first ever 4-piece bar, a new super strong street fork and more. You better hope you've been good this year...

Seeker Pedal

Eclat 2017 Seeker Pedal Group

Big ol' hobbit feet? No problem - Eclat have you covered with their new Super Slim, large platform plastic pedal. Complete with the dual bearing and bushing system you can be sure this thing will hold up yet still be slim. 

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BIOS Tripod Seat

Eclat 2017 Bios Tripod Fat Seat Group

For Eclat's first ever Tripod seat they went in hard with this wild “Pineapple Storm” colour way. If you like it a little more reserved then you can always go for the black or brown leather options. Features an extra wide and long profile and fatter foam padding for the boney behinds. 

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Domain Stem

Eclat 2017 Domain Stem Black 04

In the market for a new front load stem but don't want anything too jazzy? The Domain stem has a reach of 50mm, offset rear machining for improved clamping and maximum underside machining to remove excess material - clean and simple.

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Talon U Brake

Eclat 2017 Talon U Brake

If you run extra wide 2.40" tractor tires on your bike and also like to stop with one of those brake thingies, then the Talon U Brake is designed with you in mind. Comes with éclat’s exclusive new Force brake pads with female bolts and a one piece straddle cable. 

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Cortex Front Hub

Eclat 2017 Cortex Front Black

A new front hub from Eclat featuring a narrow flange spacing, a longer 35mm bolt to accommodate plastic pegs and for a stronger female bolt setup. Oh and they also chuck in two nylon fibreglass hub guards - ready to grind straight out the box.

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Teck Front Hub

Eclat 2017 Teck Front Matt Oilslick 01

A re-design of Eclat's first ever hub, The Teck features a heat-treated 4130 chromoly female axle system to rid our world of spoke wear on grinds. With a 6061-T6 alloy shell and color options of black, high polished, and this satin oilslick, it looks the part too. The Teck also comes street-ready with two nylon fibreglass hub guards.

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Strangler Bar

Eclat 2017 Strangler Bar 04

Eclat couldn't resist making a 4-piece bar but these come with a bigger 25.4mm clamping area which makes it super strong and less likely to slip or crack at the weld. Works with the new 25.4mm Slattery stem. 

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Raven Rim

Eclat 2017 Raven Rim Black 02
Eclat 2017 Raven Rim Neon Yellow 02

Another new one from Eclat focussed on street riding and the endless quest for a better ratio of weight and strength. The Raven comes in around the light/middle weight range, chamfered profile, thicker side and outer walls with the inner wall remaining thinner for weight saving. Now in a wider 36mm design. Available in Black for the goths and Neon Yellow for the cyber goths.

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Storm Fork

Eclat 2017 Storm Fork 25 Blck Persp

One part you don't want to mess about with is the forks. Those things are the supporting wall between you teeth and the floor, so don't be skimping! The new Storm forks have been through lab testing for wear, tear and strength, and wrapped up with a lifetime guarantee you know you can trust them. Available with an option of 25mm or 30mm offset.

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Venom Peg

Eclat 2017 Venom Peg Green 02

You may already be aware of Eclat's Venom Peg that uses a two-piece steel/plastic design. Available in in black, dark gum or the new army green colorway.

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