Setups: Paul Ryan

Fresh Ride Time

26 Apr 2018

Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 2

Photos by Matty Lambert

Liverpudlian and Mongoose team rider Paul Ryan is well known for switching his bike colours up on the regular but this time he went full hog and slid together a completely new setup with a mix of parts. Just don't make him hold on to anything but ODI...

Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 3

Frame: Mongoose Team

Forks: WTP Switch

Bars: BSD Passenger

Cranks: Cult 19mm 165mm

Grips: Odi longneck

Chain: Shadow Supreme 

Chain ring: WTP Pathfinder

Pegs: Animal Benny L’s

Front wheel: WTP supreme 

Rear wheel: WTP supreme

Guards: WTP supreme

Seat: BSD Acid seat

Seat clamp: Built in

Stem: WTP Hydra Stem

Tyres: Maxxis Grifters 2.1 front and rear

Headset: WTP Compact

Pedals: Shadow Surface pedals

Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 4
Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 5
Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 6

What are you most particular about on your bike?

It would have to be the grips - I’ve been running ODI longnecks for over ten years now. I’ve tried several other grips over the years and they just don’t feel the same as ODI - they usually wear through so fast too.

Favourite new part? 

Would have to the be the Cult cranks. I like 19mm cranks and the 165mm length are what I wanted from a set of cranks.

Parts you go through the most?

Plastic pedals mainly.

How often do you work on your bike, are you a bike maintenance type of guy?

I try to keep on top of the bike maintenance - there's nothing worse than your bike feeling like a bag of spanners!

Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 7

What have you been up to recently?

The past couple of weeks just been back in liverpool riding the local parks and streets before then myself and Matty Lambert were over in Barcelona for a long weekend filming a new Mongoose Bikes edit which should be online in the next couple of weeks.

You’re always giving your bikes a fresh lick of paint. How many colours do you go through in a year?

Like I said I like to keep my bike from feeling like a bag of spanners haha. My Brother is a Car painter too so now and again when I go to see him and what ever car he is painting that day i usually get my frame painted that colour.

Got any plans this year? Will you be heading out to the Mongoose Jam?

I've got some plans for this year at the moment. Myself and Matty Lambert are gonna start working working on a new edit in a couple of weeks.

Going back over to South Africa next month with the Mongoose team for the ultimate X contest we go to ever year.

Straight to Mongoose Jam after that the week of June.

Some other projects I have ideas for and an edit I wanna do after that and whatever else comes also.

Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 9
Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb 10
Paul Ryan Bike Check 2018 2Mb

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