Setups - Alec Siemon

Sunday's Cali AM Shredder

27 Feb 2017

Digbmx Aw Jacob Cable Alec Simeon La 4

Photos by Andrew White

For our latest Setups feature we spent a day with Sunday's new age tech innovator and diabetic dog appreciator, Alec Siemon and got a closer look at his Streetsweeper build. If you're a fan of the Common Crew or have a penchant for nose manuals and tailwhips then you'll surely be a fan of this guy already, but if you're not familiar then get watching his Welcome to Sunday video below - there's some incredible clips in there.

Digbmx Aw Jacob Cable Alec Simeon La 5

Fun fact: Contrary to the name, Vaping is not vapor. It's an aerosol spray.

Favorite part?
If we're talking about bike parts then probably the Sunday street sweeper frame because it has the best geometry. If we're talking about video part then I'd probably have to go with all of my friends sections in Monster Mash, go buy it if u haven't seen it.

Oldest part? 
My oldest bike part is my cranks, they've been on all my bikes since I've gotten on Sunday. I don't know what an oldest video part would mean or how to answer that so I'll just say the oldest video part is Swaggerkoda's shlump all day section.

How are you with bike maintenance?
Terrible, I know how to do it but I'm lazy so I usually just run it how it is.

How often do you build a new bike?
Like probably once every 5-6 months because I want to change the color.

What do you like riding these days?
Little flat rails or just any street fun lil street spots as long as I'm with my buds.

How's the vlogging going?
It's going pretty good, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think my buds (Justin Schual & Brody Snyder) and I kill the vlogging game so go check out our channel, Alecshmalec on YouTube.

Upcoming plans?
Get my bread up, continue to eat mini pancakes every morning, keep having fun biking with my best pals everyday and hopefully travel a lot.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? How old will you be?
In 5 years I will be 25 years of age I probably still won't have my life together, but hopefully I'll be having fun and riding bikes with my friends.

Sponsors and Shoutouts?
Shoutout to Sunday bikes for giving me the best bikes to ride, Onsomeshit for the nice cloth, Common Crew cause they're my fam, Stacked bmx shop for helping get out there and keeping my wheels straight, My pals Justin Schual and Brody Snyder for hanging out with me everyday and helping me vlog, Teamvape1017 for giving me the motivation to vape my life away, My dad for feeding me and providing a place to shlump, DIGBMX for asking me these questions, and last but not least, my very best bud and the best dog in the world @swaggerkoda, follow him on Instagram.

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