Alec Siemon Welcome To Sunday

Next level nose manual and tailwhip skill

27 Jun 2016

Filmed and edited by Francis Castro

Alec Siemon has been riding for Sunday for the better part of the last year.  Rather than rush out an introductory video, Alec opted to spend the time and put together a memorable one with filmer Francis Castro.  Highlights include some next level nose manual and tailwhip combos, that would be a mouthful to try to describe, so just hit play and be ready to rewind at least a couple clips.

"It seems a little strange to call this a welcome video, as Alec has been repping Sunday for a good eight months now, but I think this video was worth the wait.

Alec has been such a great addition to our team. Traveling with Alec means constantly laughing at his unique, creative, and sometimes puzzling sense of humor, which really doesn't even begin to describe how entertaining spending time with this guy actually is. Alec is a strange cat, and we couldn't be happier about it. It's pretty easy to pick up on Alec's gift for comedy just from a quick visit to his Instagram (@alec_shmalec) or Snapchat (Shmalec) or even his prized pup Koda's Instagram (@swaggerkoda), and watching Alec ride, it's even easier to see how talented he is. Go ahead and click on the video and I'm sure you'll agree." Walter Pieringer

Sunday Team Mixer

3 Oct 2015