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Street sweepin' in Austin....

14 Jun 2016

Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 11

Photos by Rob Dolecki

Just before Jake Seeley packed up his pickup truck recently and moved from Austin back to his native state of Massachusetts this past month, we got an in-depth look at the two-wheeled machine that he uses daily on setups you wish you found first. For further evidence, just check out some of the wild combos he posts on his Instagram feed, and keep an eye out for the two (flame emoticon) video parts he'll be dropping later this year which are guaranteed to be overflowing with some next-level bicycle wizardry.

Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 01
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 02

Frame: Sunday Street Sweeper sample, 20.75” TT

Bars:  Sunday Street Sweeper 9” height

Grips: Sunday Seeley

StemProfile Push 48mm

Seat/post: Sunday Tiger Dye seat, Sunday pivotal

Forks: Sunday Octave

Cranks: Profile 19mm, 165mm

Pedals:  Odyssey Grandstand

Sprocket: Profile Blackjack, 25T

Pegs: Sunday Seeley

Front wheel: Profile Elite Totem, Gsport Birdcage rim

Back wheel: Sunday Thunder coaster wheel

Tires: Sunday Street Sweeper

Mods: Bars trimmed to 27”, that’s it.

For more info: Profile

Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 03
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 04

Tell me about your all-time favorite bike? 

This one, because almost everything on it I got to design. I’m really happy with all the changes I made to the frame. It’s the most personal one I’ve ever had.

When it comes time to designing signature parts how involved are you?
100% involved. Luckily my ideas have worked out so far. Sunday trusts my input, even if it’s out of the ordinary. It’s been easy about doing everything; tons of freedom.

Anything in the works?
New colorways in the Street Sweeper tires, I’ve been testing the sample of the frame for four months now, and we’re going to move forward with it.

Why your bar height? 
Less spacers, having the bars feel more in your lap is better for barspins. I feel like I have a little more control.

Why crank length?
I can’t pinpoint it, but I noticed when my feet are more parallel, my barspins feel a lot better. I’m shit-footed, and having smaller cranks give me a little more leverage when I spin. I run four pegs and I have a super-short rear end, so it keeps your heel away from the rear peg. It’s the best change to my bike. I don’t think I’d go any smaller, though.

Why this top tube length? 
It’s what I’ve always ridden, and it feels right. It’s most comfortable.

Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 05
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 06
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 07
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 08

You've had numerous signature parts; what would say is your favorite?

Handlebars. I’ve always wanted to run four piece bars, but didn’t like the boxy look. I kind of merged a traditional crossbar with the clean look of the Bob bars. What I envisioned they came out exactly the way I wanted. 

Every rider has that one part they just love on their bike, if you had to pick with one you’d never change what would it be?

The pegs, because it’s the perfect peg. We came up with a plastic that’s super durable and slides well. It’s super solid and lightweight. They are a hair over 4 ½”.

What do you like riding these days? 

Any unique rail or ledge setup where I can, use it to the fullest. I actually find myself riding the same spots I’ve ridden in the past. 

Plans for the rest of 2016? 

Try to wrap up the Sunday “Grow Up” DVD. And then a Ride Pro Part. Other than that just try to stay up on my Instagram posts. I moved back home to Massachusetts to help build up the scene there, and ride some East Coast spots.

Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 09
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 10
Seeley Bmx Setups Austin 12

Keeping it local. Wall smith stall-180 on a sweet bank to wall literally down the block from the front door in his old Austin apartment complex.

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