Setups - Harry Barrett

And his S&M UFO

27 Jun 2017

Harry Barrett Setups

Photos by Fooman

Deep in Cambridgeshire, UK Harry Barrett still runs relatively under the worldwide radar but if you've seen our DIG X S&M edit with him from last year, you'll wonder why too. Fooman managed to track him down and snag some photos of his latest S&M setup along with some classically scatty Harry responses. 

Harry Barrett Setups 2

Frame: S&M UFO

Forks: S&M Pitchforks

Bars: S&M Hoder

Cranks: Vocal

Grips: S&M Hoder (best grips ever)

Chain: Cult

Chain ring: FIT Key Guard

Pegs: United Stealth plastic

Wheels: Cinema rims sprayed black

Front hub: Vocal

Rear hub: United Supreme Freecoaster

Seat: Animal Cush

Stem: I run the S&M redneck as they call me Harry red neck

Tyres: S&M Speedballs

Pedals: United Valentino in camo which go with the ufo colours 

Harry Barrett Setups 3

How is this setup specific to your riding needs?

Within my riding style and what I do, it fits the feel of the solid jib ship... The most solid frame i've ever had - it balances manuals or nose manies in such a good lock. Boss reaction with bump jumps

Special mods?

40 psi, slightly loose chain.

What are you most particular about on your bike?

My specialty trick$ would be nose manuals and grinding heavy hoes.

Harry Barrett Setups 4
Harry Barrett Setups 6
Harry Barrett Setups 8

Parts you go through the most?

I snap them god damn spokes and chain all the time. I go through grips/tyres an also pedals quickly too.

How often do you work on your bike, are you a bike maintenance type of guy?

Unless something needs fixing or perfecting I don't usually bother as I like a worn out ragged ride. But I always keep her clean yeee harrrr ride tha cowboy! Overall I must say I'm so hyped on my ride and it feels perfect for me.

Harry Barrett Setups 7

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