Setups - Broc Raiford's Volume/Odyssey Vessel

Get out of your comfort zone and shred everything.

3 Jun 2016

By Andrew White

Watching Broc manhandle a bike is always a treat. He’s not afraid of stomping something on a six foot drop what most would only consider on a flat ledge. For this, he rides a bombproof bike. Check out his Volume/Odyssey setup to see what he runs, and stay check out his bike in action during the Odyssey Vs. Miami video.

Favorite part? 

My favorite part would be the Odyssey Raft stem. It's my signature stem and I'm so stoked on how it came out! They let me draw up a design of exactly what I wanted and made it a reality!

Oldest part?

The oldest part would probably be my tires. I don't wear through tires very quickly even though I try to ride every day or maybe these are just damn good tires! Haha.

Any Mods? 

I know you see that sticker collage on my down tube haha! Pretty proud of that!

How are you with bike maintenance? 

I'd like to think I keep up with my bike maintenance pretty well.  Any foreign noise other than a rare chain to frame tinging is usually found and taken care of on the spot so my bike usually stays solid for the most part. I always get so distracted by any noises coming from my bike while I'm riding. 

How often do you build a new bike?

I'd say every six months or so I'll freshen up the whip with some new parts. Besides replacing components like grips and pedals everything I ride holds up strong. 

What do you like riding these days? 

Everything! It's too easy to get caught up only riding your preferred discipline. I've been doing my best to get out of my comfort zone and ride a bit of everything lately. Park, street, dirt.... I'm game for them all and on top of a great time, you get to make new friends riding some trails or a new skatepark!

Plans for 2016? 

Currently working on three video projects that I'm really stoked on. Some are further along than others but we're making good progress on each. Currently packing to head home to for a little then to Austin, TX for X-games! It still doesn't feel real to be invited to be a part of such an awesome event! Can't wait! Other than that, lots of riding, fun times with my friends, and a few more trips home to see the family!

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Odyssey Vs. Miami

27 May 2016