BMX Day 2016 Is Coming

Saturday July 23rd in Adelaide, Athens, Liverpool, Philadephia, and Los Angeles

1 Jun 2016

Bmx Day Coming 2016

Videos by Peter Adam and Fred Murray / Photo by Devin Feil

Street Series BMX Day 2016 is fast approaching with jams going down in Adelaide, Athens, Liverpool, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles on Saturday, July 23rd.  Here's a look back at BMX Day 2015 and details on exactly when and where to meet up this year.  You don't want to miss this!

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Time Zone 1 - Adelaide, Australia - 12PM, Victoria Square with Alex Donnachie

Time Zone 2 - Athens, Greece - 12PM, Oaka Plaza with Ed Zunda and Jason Eustathiou

Time Zone 3 - Liverpool, UK - 12PM, China Town Ledges with Benny L.

Time Zone 4 - Philadelphia, USA - 12PM, Paines Plaza with Dan Lacey

Time Zone 5 - Los Angeles, USA - 12PM, Hollenbeck Plaza with Dakota Roche