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12 of their best for 2016

1 Jun 2016

Cult Summer Screen

Photos courtesy of Cult Crew / Words by Devin Feil

Summer is fast approaching and Cult Crew has rolled out a stellar lineup of new goods. No matter who you are sweating, whether it be Dak, Dehart, AK, Timmy, or Hawk they've all contributed their signature touch. As you've come to expect from the brand, it's all clean, simple, and above all else functional. Cult doesn't rely on gimmicks, they send the trends and let others try to keep up. Take a look at some of our favorites, including a Chicago Bulls inspired SOS frame, and a colorway perfect for the 4th of July BBQ.

Butter V3 Frame

The Butter is Chase Dehart's signature frame, and for the 3rd incarnation he decided to keep it simple as can be allowing the price point to drop to $250. In Chase's own words "Cult covers everything from sizes, colors, and now prices, it's all there and this is just another option to have a frame at equal quality, with a few less gimmicks" and "the frame turned out real clean, there's no branding on the chain stay bridge, or the gusset, I honestly just like plain bikes with plain stickers." At the end of the day a bike is meant to be ridden, and Chase has chosen to emphasize function over flash.

Butter V3 1 Converted


- Material: 100% Chromoly

- TT Lengths: 20.75" / 21" / 21.25"

- Chainstay: 13.45" - 13.75"

- Headtube Angle: 75°

- Seattube Angle: 71°

- BB Height: 11.8"

- Standover Height: 8.8"

- Weight: 5.2lbs - 2.3kg

More info

Butter V3 2 Copy

AK Tire

Alex Kennedy is enormously popular these days, but still manages to keep a low profile. His signature tires on the other hand are anything but low profile with an inflated diameter of 21.2" and 2.6" width. Big, round, grippy, and fast is the name of the game when it comes to modern street tires, and few are on the cutting edge like AK.

Ak Tire1


- Massive 2.5" size (2.6" inflated)

- Inflated Diameter: 21.2" (539mm)

- Max Pressure: 110 psi

- Colours: Black and Gum with black sidewall

- Weight: 25.8oz - 731g

More info

Ak Tire2

TRF (Trail Race Frame)

Cult has conjured up a frame tailor-made for those in the woods and on the track. The TRF features "Classic laid back feel good geometry built for speed and control." Robbo is the Trail Boss after all, with one of the best one footed flatties of all time, so you know he's got this baby dialed in.

Trf 2
Trf 4


- Material: 100% Chromoly

- TT Lengths: 20.5" / 21.25" 

- Chainstay: 13.85" - 14.175"

- Headtube Angle: 74.5°

- Seattube Angle: 71°

- BB Height: 11.65"

- Standover Height: 8.75"

- Weight: 4.9lbs - 2.25kg

More info

Trf 1 Tall

DAK Sprocket

Cult unveils Dakota Roche's signature sprocket produced out of 7076 T6 aluminum, available in black and the fresh retro gray new for summer. Anything that Dak trusts when he's cranking full speed or leaping off roofs is a solid bet on durability, and the polished design is simple yet sophisticated.

Dak Sprocket1


- Machined from 6mm thick 7075 aluminium

- Sizes: 25t and 28t

- 24mm bore with Chromo insert adaptable to 19mm or 22mm spindles

- Available in Black and Retro Gray

- Weight: 2.6 - 73g (25t)

Dak Sprocket2

DAK V3 Frame

Dak has never been one to rest on his laurels. Each video part he has released has featured progressively better riding, and that same strive for improvement has carried over to his signature Cult frame. The DAK V3 features new invest cast dropouts and seat stay bridge, along with the rugged pantina green and sexy midnight green colorways.

Dak Patina1
Dak Patina4
Dak Patina2


- TT Lengths: 20.5" / 20.75" / 21.25" 

- Chainstay: 13.25" - 13.6"

- Headtube Angle: 75.5°

- Seattube Angle: 71°

- BB Height: 11.6"

- Standover Height: 9.25"

- Colours: Midnight Green and Pantina Green

- Weight: 5.5lbs - 2.5kg

Dak Green2
Dak Green3


- 100% Chromoly tubing with heat-treated headtube and bottom bracket

- External gussets on the top and downtube for added strength

- Integrated seat post clamp

- Tapered seatstays with embossed CULT logo

- 6mm thick investment cast dropouts

More info

Dak Green1 Tall


Completing the trifecta of fresh Dak products Cult now offers his signature seat in black, brown, and forest green. Padded for comfort and engineered to last, making for a fine choices for anyone in the market for a new seat.

Dak Seats1

Hawk Frame

Hawk strips down for summer. This season features a clear raw finish, topped with Adam Roye illustrated graphics, FTW gusset embossing, and vintage style s-bends for maximum tire clearance. We're loving the back to the basics look.

Hawk Clear6
Hawk Clear7


- Material: 100% Chromoly

- TT Lengths: 20" / 20.5" / 20.75" / 21" / 21.25" 

- Chainstay: 13.5" - 13.8"

- Headtube Angle: 75°

- Seattube Angle: 71°

- BB Height: 11.7"

- Standover Height: 8.85"

- Colours: Black, Clear Raw, Flo Green, Gold Vein

- Weight: 5.2lbs - 2.39kg

Hawk Clear5
Hawk Clear2


- 100% Chromoly tubing with heat-treated headtube and bottom bracket

- External gussets on the top with CULT embossed and downtube embossed with FTW for added strength

- Integrated seat post clamp

- Tapered seatstays with embossed CULT logo

- 5mm thick heat-treated dropouts

- Vintage style S-bends for maximum tire clearance

More info

Hawk Clear1 Tall

2 - Short Frame

Short frames are all the rage. Cult joins the fray with their 2Short frame, a homage to the famous Bay Area rapper Too $hort. With nods to Bad Boy and Death Row in the past it only makes sense to continue on the tradition of hip hop inspired names. Brief music history lesson aside, if you are looking for a responsive poppy frame, then Cult's 2Short with its steep head tube angle (75.5°) and short backend (12.5" - 12.8") is just what you should be after. Blow the whistle!

2Short Raw3


- TT Lengths: 20.5" / 20.75" / 21" / 21.25" 

- Chainstay: 12.5" - 12.8"

- Headtube Angle: 75.5°

- Seattube Angle: 70°

- BB Height: 11.65"

- Standover Height: 8.65"

- Colours: Black and Clear Raw

- Weight: 5.3lbs - 2.4kg

2Short Black2
2Short Black3


- 100% chromoly tubing

- Top and downtube gussets

- integrated seat post clamp

- No brake mounts or cable guides

- Extremely responsive geometry with a short back end and steep headtube angle for all things tech

- Tapered seatstays with an investment cast CULT embossed seatstay bridge

- Extra wide tyre clearance

- 6mm thick investment cast dropouts

More info

2Short Black1 Tall

SOS Timmy Theus Frame

The Bulls reigned supreme in the 90's. Thanks to MJ and 6 championships, everyone and their mother either loved or hated Chicago's basketball club. If Cult's Timmy Theus signature SOS colorway is any indication, he grew up a big fan. Black with red sparkle topped off with Bulls inspired font is a perfect nod to the Chi-Town dynasty.

Sos Timmy4
Sos Timmy5


- TT Lengths: 20" / 20.5" / 20.75" / 21" / 21.25" 

- Chainstay: 13" - 13.3"

- Headtube Angle: 75.5°

- Seattube Angle: 70°

- BB Height: 11.7"

- Standover Height: 8.75"

- Colours: Black with red sparkle

- Weight: 5.3lbs - 2.4kg

Sos Timmy1 Tall

Features:- 100% chromoly tubing

- Quick and responsive geometry best suited for today's technical street and park riders

- Integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs, dual gussets for strength

- Heat-treated Mid BB shell 

- Integrated seat post clamp 

- Tapered seatstays with removable U-brake mounts

- Investment cast seatstay bridge with embossed Cult logo

 - Extra wide tire clearance and 6mm thick investment cast dropouts

More info


Since you are probably already set on snagging those AK tires, you might as well get the matching seat to go with them too. Now all that's left is to decide whether you want gold, black, copper, or midnight purple.

More info

Ak Seats1


Red Blue1
Red Blue2

Cult Summer 2016 limited edition colorways cover two ends of the spectrum, from a bright bold red and blue to a sleek retro gray. When it comes to the visuals of American summers, its fireworks, BBQ's and beaches, and the patriotic red and blue. Pair that splash of color with a clear raw Hawk or Timmy Theus SOS, and finish it off by way of sprocket and stem in retro gray and you'd have a bike everyone at the 4th of July party would be envious of.

More info

Retro Grey

More info:
Buy here: |



BMX Day 2016 Is Coming

Saturday July 23rd in Adelaide, Athens, Liverpool, Philadephia, and Los Angeles

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