Have You Seen Me? Setups: Tom Dugan

M.I.A. in MIA...

28 Feb 2016

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 01

Interview and photos by Rob Dolecki

Getting a bike stolen is the worst. Like a tsunami, that sinking feeling overtakes you when discovering your beloved two-wheeled machine is gone, with mental destruction left in it's wake. Even if you're fortunate enough to get free parts, the feeling is the same. 

Tom Dugan went through this feeling just hours into an Odyssey Miami trip that is currently underway. A few days before he ventured to Florida, we caught up with Tom and shot some photos of his bike in Austin while he was wrapping up filming for a T-1 ramp tribute section (T-1 is moving in a few months, and the ramp will be coming down) in the upcoming etnies "Chapters" video. Here's a look at Tom's last bike right before it disappeared. Granted, his replacement bike is virtually the same thing, so it's basically an up-to-date look, sort of...

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 10
Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 11

Frame: Fit Dugan 21” TT

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: Fit Dugan, 8.75” rise

Grips: Odyssey Dugan

Stem: Odyssey Top-load Dgn

Headset: Odyssey

Seat/post: Odyssey Tripod post/ Odyssey Dugan seat

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt175mm LHD

Bottom Bracket: Odyssey

Chain: Odyssey Key Chain

Pedals: Odyssey Grandstands signature

Sprocket: Odyssey Fang signature 30T

Front wheel: Odyssey Vandero with Aerospace rim

Back wheel: Odyssey Clutch  9T, with Aerospace rim

Tires: Odyssey Dugan 2.45” front, 2.25” rear

Kicks: etnies

Bike Lock: N/A

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 08
Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 05

FIT Dugan Frame Specs

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 07

Top Tube Length: 20.75” & 21”

Head Tube Angle: 75 Degrees

Seat Tube Angle: 71 Degrees

Chain Stay Length: 13.475″-13.875″

Bottom Bracket Height: 11.65″

Stand Over: 8.5”

Weight: 20.75” – 4.73 lbs (2.15 kg); 21” – 4.75 lbs (2.16 kg)

Colors: Gloss Clear, Matte Black, Trans Oxblood

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 06
Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 09

When it comes time to designing signature parts how involved are you?   

From start to finish we will be in good communication about the parts in the works. One of the advantages of living so close to the OTX office here in Austin, working with Chris and Jim in-house has been ideal and usually when there is any mutual interest on either side in revamping a part or doing something different with it, they will let me put what I like into the mix of doing something as complicating as designing the product.

Favorite part?



Cut bars from 29” to around 27”.

You have had numerous signature parts over the years, what would you say is your favorite? 

My frame through Fit (TD350) has been my favorite signature part for sure.

Every rider has that one part they just love on their bike, if you had to pick with one you’d never change what would it be? 

30-9 gear ratio. I would never want to step back to a regular gear ratio. What I have found is if I change it, I don’t like the feel of my bike.

Tell me about your all-time favorite bike?

 Before I could handle a 20’ and before they really made too many 18”, I had a 16” Dyno, brakeless with a freewheel, and the memories from that bike have always been some of my favorite- mostly crank flips; it was a crank flip machine.

What do you like riding these days?

 I really like to ride anything. If my body is healthy I can be entertained with a curb cut, but anything to vert ramps, I’ll have a smile burnt on to my face rolling away from the right air or whatever I’m doing.

Plans for 2016? 

Finish up one of the biggest projects I have got to be a part of with the etnies team, try to get into a few contests, keep trying to make all the people that continue to make this happen for me happy, stay healthy, become a good swimmer, and to be married this fall.

Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 03
Dugan  Setups  T1  Austin 04
Dugan  Setups  T1  Vertwallroast  Austin

The thief who took Tom's bike probably has no idea how much extensive airtime it's seen all over Austin, especially near the corner of 6th and Chicon. Tom's lost bike is bummed.

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