Setups - Mike "Hucker" Clark

Hucker's bar-ride and Hang-five tool of trade​

31 May 2017

2017 Hucker Setups 01

Photos by Rob Dolecki

2017 Hucker Setups 02

During the final filming trip to New York City for S&M's upcoming full-length video release (premiering in June), we met up with So. Cal. native Mike "Hucker" Clark and examined the bike in which he harnesses the power to hang-five over everything and anything he and his flowing mullet chooses to set his front wheel on. The throwback 90's Holmes-style graphics (a frame named after porn star John Holmes, for having super-long geometry) in his signature frame are awesome.

2017 Hucker Setups 12
2017 Hucker Setups 04

Frame: S&M Hucker 21"TT

Forks: S&M Pitchfork widemouth

Bars:  S&M Hoder High, 9”

Grips: ODI Hucker prototype

Stem:S&M/ Credence Turtleneck

Headset: Demolition

Seat/ seat post: Demolition pivotal, Demolition Cordova

Cranks: Demolition Revolt, 175mm

Pedals: Demolition

Sprocket:  Demolition, 30t

Pegs: Demolition steel

Hub guards: Demolition

Wheels: Demolition, 9t

Tires: Demolition Hammerhead-T 2.4", Demolition Hammerhead-S 2.25"

Brakes: Demolition

Kicks: Vans, 9/12

2017 Hucker Setups 11
2017 Hucker Setups 10
2017 Hucker Setups 09
2017 Hucker Setups 08

Why your crank length?

I feel like it makes a lot of tricks easier. 180s would be nice with my gearing. I ran 170s for a while. 175s just feel right to me.

Why top your tube length?  I used to run 20.5 then 20.75 for years. Probably four years ago I switched to 21. It just felt better, more stable. It feels right especially riding trails, and just anything going really fast.

Favorite part?

Actually the entire bike. It’s my most favorite bike I’ve ever put together. I’m real stoked with how it came out, with all the chrome.


 I cut off about a ¾ of an inch on each side of the bars.

Any mods for bar rides?

The majority of the time I’ll just twist my bars around so it makes my brake cable shorter. I’ve caught my foot tons of times and it destroys your brake cable, and destroys you.

Why did you go back to plastic pedals?

I’ve ran metal pedals for so long. My old bike was super heavy, like 29 pounds.  I switched the cranks and pedals, and it’s now 24 pounds.

Oldest part:

The lever has been through three different bikes. The front hub is my old front hub. My front valve cap also- Clint Reynolds gave me that as a gift two years ago at X Games.

Newest Part:

Everything else.

2017 Hucker Setups 07
2017 Hucker Setups 06
2017 Hucker Setups 05
2017 Hucker Setups 03

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been digging a bit at my trails when I’ve been home. In November I was in Australia. I also went to Costa Rica and Ecuador. Ecuador was sick; people there really appreciate action sports. They only see it on TV. There’s a really amazing rider, Jonathan Camacho. He’s one of the raddest humans I’ve ever met on a bike. He has the hugest grin from ear to ear all day long, and sends the gnarliest stuff, repeatedly. He’s a good dude.

How’s your part in the new S&M video looking?

Most of the trips I haven’t been able to go on. I watched a reel of a bunch of raw footage for the video and it’s gonna be so rad- crazy, trippy, awesome, amazing. I was kind of stressing on clips, and Charlie showed me a bunch of clips he already had that I forgot he filmed, and I’m pretty pumped.

Plans for the rest of the year?

My main focus is to ride the trails and dig. I want to start riding vert again. I was just talking with Simon Tabron and I’m going to try ride some big u-ramps once a week. 

2017 Hucker Setups 13

Kicking out the jams at JJ Takter's sick barn ramp setup in New Jersey.

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