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18 May 2017

2017 Hoder Setups 10

Photos by Rob Dolecki

Mike Hoder spent some time in NYC recently while wrapping up his part in the upcoming S&M video, and in-between mobbing around Brooklyn during some beautiful warm spring days, we caught up with him in the lowdown on his latest BTM setup, complete with newly-added brakes and glass-infused tires, and also delve into what he's been up to recently.

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Frame: S&M BTM 21.5” tt

Forks: S&M Pitchfork XLT

Bars:  S&M Hoder Skyhigh 9.5” rise, 31” wide

Grips: S&M Hoder

Stem: FIT BF

Headset: Revenge Industries

Chain: Animal Hoder

Seat/ seat post: Animal Nigel with camo wrap, S&M Long Johnson Pivotal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo, 175mm

Pedals: FIT Mac sealed metal

Sprocket: S&M BTM wrap, 30T

Wheels: Animal Javelin hubs, RS Rims, 9t

Tires: Animal GLH 2.3” front, 2.1” rear

Brakes: Kink

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Why your crank length?

I break 180s too much, and 170s are too short.

Why your top tube length?

I try to keep my stem as far away as possible; I don’t like hitting my knees on it. I’m so tall, it could be a 25” top tube and I’d feel cramped.

Favorite part?

Probably my grips. They are extra soft and comfy. You put them on and they feel great from the get-go.


 I put a peace sign cable hanger on the brakes. I put it on wrong and it’s just sitting there.

Oldest part:

The cranks and pedals, about a year and a half.

Newest Part:

The chrome XLT forks.

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Tell me about your all-time  favorite bike?

This bike; I really like the raw/ clear coat.

What do you like riding these days? 

Everything; I try and ride it all. I want to have a variety of stuff to ride. I want to be able to jump trails, ride street and hit a nine-foot bowl with pool coping.

What have you been up to lately?

Just traveled around the country. I drove from Seattle down to San Diego, San Diego to Albuquerque, Albuquerque to Austin, Austin to New Orleans, New Orleans to Atlanta, Atlanta to North Carolina,  and then straight back to Seattle. I got back a few months ago, then to New York City. Just working on that S&M video part.

How is that coming together?

It’s going together good. You always think you need more. I’m happy with what I have so far. Hopefully I can fit in these other few things I want to do.

 Plans for the rest of 2017?

Get back to Seattle, load up the truck and then probably just cruise around. I’m always itching to not be in the same place not too long. 

2017 Hoder Setups 01

Hoder ain't scared to get up just past dawn in order to roast one of the less-ridden gems of NYC. Table during an epic three-hour session that's usually cut a lot shorter by park security due to a no-bikes-allowed policy.

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