Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder Rat Colin  Jtrain
18 Dec 2015

The Animal House - Photo Journal

Still Game

Intro by Ryan Navazio Photos by Ralphy Ramos

Animal’s Ralphy Ramos was dedicated to documenting the rest of the team’s exploits throughout the course of the month we spent in Brooklyn at the Animal House. Everywhere we went Ralphy was pedaling through the streets with his camera strapped around his neck, ready for anything to go down. Most of the time, while I was caught up in filming, I barely noticed Ralphy was there shooting. Yet after every spot and every trick the crew would be gathered around Ralphy’s camera in celebration. His dynamic with the rest of the team gave him a unique perspective allowing him to capture this batch of amazing photos.
Animal House   Bmx Street  Ratkid Feeble To Feeble Queens

Rat was sweating this for some reason, its definitely a tough one but I had pretty much no doubt he could easily do it and once he went for it, it was perfect.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder Nigel Joey Rat Rone Coolin
Animal House   Bmx Street  Joey X Garret H Sleep Mode
Animal House   Bmx Street  Joe Mailbox Hop

Joe Niranonta has serious bunnyhop power. I’m pretty familiar with it, but I was really surprised how causally he got this done.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder Rail Hop Second Angle Bx

Hoder crashed and broke both his feet, keeping him off his bike for several months before showing up at the Animal house. He utilized every bank he came across and kept it smooth while getting comfortable back on the bike.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Colin Abdul Hoder Rat Squad

At this point Colin was probably still wondering what the hell he got himself into with this crew. Rat kid was pretty relentless with the jokes on Colin, particularly about his use of wax. Colin laughed and proceeded to do crazy shit at every spot Rat Kid had to offer, while the rest of us watched in awe.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder Thug Life

Hoder - Thug life.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Shane  X Rat Bronx

Rat Kid probably laughing at Shane Rossi's $500 Ferragamo shoes or something.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Auggie Stanky Leg

Ralphy labeled this photo “Augie stanky leg” I like it.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Chiken Spot Deli

One of many corner stores in Brooklyn. These things are a staple of riding around in New York and a few are famous for certain shit, I guess the chicken here is a big deal.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Garret Is This Chicken

Garret - "Is this chicken?"

Animal House   Bmx Street  Rat Super Man That Hoe 2

This door was super steep and flimsy as hell. Somehow Rat managed to convinced the owner of the building to let him do this after a heated argument. The owner saw rat kids first attempt and then decided it was pretty cool and let him get it done even after a pretty bad crash.

Somehow Rat managed to convinced the owner of the building to let him do this after a heated argument.

- Navaz

Animal House   Bmx Street  Navaz Tyrone Clip Playback Bk

Yo Navaz, run that back” - Rone after a dope wall ride 180.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Navaz Hoder Rat Pass Off Bx

“Just drop it yo, I got it!” - Hoder

Animal House   Bmx Street  Colin Posted

Colin taking in the Bronx landscape.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Abdul Fakie Rail Bushwick

Fakie tire ride to fakie nose-wheelie out. Abdul always making good use of his nose manual skills.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Colin 5050 To Hard 180 Bk

Huge bunnyhop over a rail onto another rail with rounded stoppers, through the kink across the flat to hard 180 with ease.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Garret  H  5050 To Legde Ride  Bk

Yo, Garret Hoodgerhyde, best spot use-age” - Joey Piazza

Animal House   Bmx Street  Tom X Matt Squad

Philly cats up in New York.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder Guard Rail Hop

Hoder diving over the guard rail into the steepest section of this bank with ease.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Abdul Nose To Pegs Ridewood

Abdul was doing this casually over and over so I made him film it, but basically agreed beforehand that it probably wouldn’t make the cut. Still sick.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Hoder X Random Older Guy Repping Heavy

Animal has a deep rooted history in NYC, Hoder and crew ran into this guy on the street.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Random Older Couple Laughing

Turns out he had been rocking this animal hat for at least a few years.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Abdul Workout Transfer Queens

This is definitely one of those setups you really need to see in person to appreciate it. Abdul made it look easy over and over again and had a pretty funny crash on it when his front wheel slid out.

Animal House   Bmx Street  Colinnn

Of all the clips in Colin’s part I would say he probably sweat this one the hardest. There really wasn’t any way for Colin to feel this out and that made it real scary for him. It went down in one take, no problem.

There really wasn’t any way for Colin to feel this out and that made it real scary...

- Navaz

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