The Volume Voyagers - With Billy Perry & Josh Clemens

A look at Josh and Billy's new signature frame

9 May 2017

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 2

Words and Photos by Devin Feil

Billy Perry and Josh Clemens are two younger riders on the Volume squad who have paid their dues the last few years and rewarded with a signature frame for 2017.  The pair opted for graphics influenced by the landscapes of their home states of Oregon and New York, and eye catching colorways to match.  Get a closer look at each of their rides and find out what they've been up to lately...

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 13

Frame: Volume Voyager 21” Glacier Blue

Forks: Volume Anchor

Bars: Volume Mad Dog

Grips: Merritt Crumlish

Stem: Merritt Inaugural MKII top load

Headset: Merritt Hightop

Seat: Volume VLM

Post: Merritt

Cranks: Merritt Battle 165

Bottom Bracket: Merritt

Chain: Volume Half Link

Pedals: Merritt P1

Sprocket: Merritt Might Sprocket 28

Front wheel: Merritt Battle

Back wheel: Merritt Battle/ Final Drive Freecoaster LHD 9t

Tires: Merritt Option prototype

Pegs: Volume Demarcus Pegs

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 11

When compared to the rest of the Volume frame line, what do you feel makes the Voyager unique?

Billy: The Voyager has the shortest slammed rear end out of the whole Volume frame line up (12.75"), it is available in the smallest top tube size (20.5") and it is also the most affordable frame offered by Volume.

Were there any tweaks made after the initial prototypes?

Billy: I don't believe so, Josh and myself were stoked on the initial prototypes and didn't feel the need to change any of the dimensions.

What’s your favorite detail that someone might miss on first glance?

Billy: I'm a huge fan of the clean hourglass headtube and the 9.25" seat tube height.

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 9
Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 14

How did arrive at the color and graphics?

Billy: Choosing the color was very easy for me because this blue is my favorite color and I love how it looks on a bike. Josh and myself kept the graphics consistently themed by incorporating our environments that helped shape our riding styles growing up. I was very honored and motivated to design the headtube graphic.

What did you learn in working on your first signature product?

Billy: It's an amazing experience working on a product and then seeing it come to life months later.

With the frame being for about a month now have you spotted any in NY yet?

Billy: There is one local shredder (Joe Cefalo) riding one but I haven't seen him yet. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Voyager frames out in the wild.

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 12

How’s your ankle been feeling these days? What did you do to keep occupied
during the downtime?

Billy: My ankle is feeling pretty good lately. Unfortunately my knee has been shot for the past 6 weeks or so since I bashed it out in California. I am currently waiting on MRI results to figure out what is going on with that, but I haven't been able to ride 100% and it is driving me insane haha. I spent the 2 1/2 months I was out with a broken ankle to work on the first FTL line and it really motivated me to focus more on building the brand.

Has the dust fully settled following the waterpark fiasco?

Billy: Nothing has actually happened yet besides a handful of rescheduled court dates.

Plans for the rest of the year?

Billy: We are doing a FTL jam this month at a local skatepark that Volume is helping sponsor! I am also trying to get out to London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam to do some riding, videos, and jams. Late August I'll be hitting up the Summer Simple Session in Latvia. After that I don't really have any solid plans, just hoping to keep riding, filming and traveling.

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 6
Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 17

When compared to the rest of the Volume frame line, what do you feel makes the Voyager unique?

Josh: The Voyager is a bit different than any other frame we currently have, geometry wise. Mostly The short rear end along with the steeper headtube and taller standover. It was cool to be able to add something new to the volume line.  

How did choose your color and graphics?

Josh: We thought it would be cool to theme the frame to where we are from, so the mountain/tree skyline sticker on my headtube is for the northwest (Oregon), and Billy's is for the east coast (New York). The green color came from an outdoor company that I've always been into called Poler Stuff, based out of Portland. They made a cool camo bag with orange straps, and I loved the shades of green on that so we tried to match those colors and it actually worked out perfect first try. We got the first sample and I was stoked, and the orange stickers was like the cherry on top. 

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 1
Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 4

Were there any tweaks made after the initial prototypes?

Josh: Nope, loved the frame from the beginning! I actually rode my sample for over a year and it held up 100%.

What’s your favorite detail that someone might miss on first glance? 

Josh: Honestly there's not too much detail to the frame, we tried to keep in simple and straight forward to make it affordable to any kid buying there first frame. That was my main goal. Maybe the headtube stickers at first glance, since Billy's and mine are different.

What did you learn in working on your first signature product?

Josh: Well working for volume I already knew what the process is like for anything being made, but it just takes time and patience... it was a long process but I'm so stoked on how it turned out. Just seeing the drawing come to life is coolest part to me.  Never thought in a million years I would get to have helped design a frame with my name on it.

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 3
Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 5
Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 16

Was there a lot of anticipation for your frame at your dad’s shop Gone Racin’ back home in Klamath Falls?

Josh: Yeah actually a lot of my friends back home had pre ordered them, it's so awesome seeing all the support come from them. Can't thank them and my family enough!!!

Will pops be riding one?

Josh: Yes!! He's actually going to build one up for himself here soon. We even got him some forks with custom brake mounts so he can rock front brakes.

Volume Voyager Dig Bmx 7

What exactly is Disco Stew and what’s to come?

Josh: Haha, well pretty much my a crew of my best friends( Broc Raiford, Sean & Taylor Sieling,  Nick Krauer and myself), our plan is to make a DVD... I'm sure you'll be hearing more In the near future. For now we made an insta account @thediscostew

What’s the remainder of 2017 hold in store you?

Josh: Honestly I have no clue! Everything is spur of the moment to me. This year has already been crazy. Went to Barcelona to work on disco stew a few months ago and we're planning on working on that a lot more in between work and other obligations... as I type this we are in the van coming back from a disco stew trip to the Bay Area.  I'm sure we will do some more Volume stuff this year too, there's never a dull moment, so I can't complain.  Just enjoying life and riding bikes with my friends until I can't anymore!

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