Setups: Jeff Wescott

A look at Wescott's revised signature Mutiny COMB build

6 Oct 2016

Jeff Wescott Setups 5 Dr

Photos by Derrick Riggs

Jeff Wescott Setups 6 Dr

Jeff Wescott has been a welcome and frequent addition to the site over the last two years. Between coverage of an epic trip to Puerto Rico, a look Jeff's charitable efforts working with the youth of Arizona, and a feature interview we've gotten to know quite a bit about the man and his pursuits.  Now we give you a chance to take a look at his revised signature Mutiny COMB build...

Frame: Mutiny COMB 21.3"

Forks: Mutiny Wand V2

Bars: Mutiny COMB

Grips: BSD Dan Paley Slims

Stem: Mutiny Lifted Top Load

Headset: Mutiny

Seat/post: Mutiny Bold

Cranks: Mutiny Cinch V2 165mm

Bottom Bracket: Mutiny

Chain: BSD Half Link

Pedals: BSD Safari

Sprocket: Mutiny Guard 28t(available very soon)

Front wheel: BSD Pro/NASA complete 10mm.

Back wheel: BSD Pro/NASA complete 14mm Cassette 9t.

Pegs: BSD Crack Pipe

Hub guards: BSD Jersey Barrier

Tires: BSD Donnasqueek 2.4

Kicks: Vans

Jeff Wescott Setups 8 Dr

When it comes time to designing signature Mutiny products how involved are you?

As involved as one can be! Gaz keeps me well posted on all of the options that we have reasonable control over and we come to the best happy medium we can with the details of all the goods.

Any changes to the COMB frame outside of the new colorway?

Yes, we have also shortened up the top tube sizes to slightly. I wanted to keep the roomy front end but make it a bit more maneuverable. The TT sizes we decided to go with are 20.8, 21.1 and 21.3. We have also added chain tensioners built into the dropouts, a simple yet effective update.

Any mods to the bike?

To be fair, not really. Just grease all the bearings and threads. Everything slaps together perfect, first go.

Jeff Wescott Setups 7 Dr

You spent some time in San Diego this year working with Christian Rigal on an upcoming Mutiny edit.  Have you two collaborated in the past?

I did, it was such an amazing experience working with Christian on that project. I had been to SD before a few times to ride with the Markit dudes, and also joined on a San Fransisco trip a couple years back and assisted with the filming of his frame promo. But never had the opportunity until now to collaborate directly on a specific project.

Will that video have been filmed entirely in California?

Yes, the entire project was filmed in the San Diego area.

Was it good to get away and start a fresh project on entirely new spots?  Or was it stressful not to be able to line things up around home in Arizona?

Well as most do, I really enjoyed getting my eyes on some fresh spots. It was initially difficult to a degree because Christian and myself ride so differently... However, he had some gems up his sleeve and we ended up going to spots that I was really hyped on! It was also nice to have a full week dedicated to riding and filming. I recently worked on another short project for the COMB line locally in northwest Phoenix with Hunter and Buster O'shea. It seemed a little more difficult since our schedules didn't line so well, and most of the spots were familiar ones I'd rode before. However, I'm always stoked to get the opportunity to film with talented videographers. I try to take advantage of those opportunities the best that I can, for I feel that quality video work leaves such a longer lasting impression.

Jeff Wescott Setups 1 Dr

I know you had a little garden going at the Gully House, but now that you’ve moved out do you still have one going?

I did... Unfortunately, my new place doesn't provide space where I can grow. But I really do love to garden. My fingers are crossed to be able to get some seeds sprouting at my next spot.

How important is it to you to eat healthy daily?

Very. I really try my best to make healthy and conscious decisions about what I intake. The more healthy decisions you make diet wise, the better you feel in turn. Some days it's easier said than done... However, I believe ones health and well being is one of those things only that individual can control. Whether people are just uneducated about nutrition, or they just don't consider that aspect upon dieting, health is one of those things that is so interesting and ultimately beneficial the more you learn and apply to your own life.

Jeff Wescott Setups 2 Dr

You are answering these questions while on Mutiny week at Woodward, what’s it like being at camp as a visiting pro?

Woodward is awesome, flat out. I have only been once during off season about 6 or so years ago, never during summer as a camper. But I enjoy the positive interaction with the next generation of riders. It's rad to see the difference from when I was their age to how things are now.

How's filming for the The Gully Factory’s 12:35 coming along?

Slowly, but surely. I'm very happy with all the stuff we have compiled for it! I try to take advantage of the opportunities that come around to film for it, but it's just one of those projects with no deadline, so I suppose it will be done when it's done.

Plans for the remainder of 2016?

After the Woodward week, I am going to Illinois to visit with family and help my sister prepare for her weduding coming up this September. Other than that, just going with the flow

Jeff Wescott Setups Barspin Dr

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