Introducing The First Ever DIG Jam

Leeds, UK October 8th, 2016

8 Oct 2016

Dig Jam Site Big 3

By Joey Spinoza

With DIG we’ve been fortunate enough to follow what we’d like to consider as the heartbeat of BMX for 23 years now, and every step of the way we have supported, covered and been involved with multiple events and projects ranging from DIY to mainstream and everything in-between, all in an effort to portray what we consider to be great about BMX culture. Strangely though we have never held our own jam; maybe we just never had time. 

A few months ago an opportunity arose that was too good to miss so we did what normally wouldn’t and jumped at the chance. Next week in Leeds, UK we are hosting our first ever event with the help of WETHEPEOPLE and with the support of Cult, etnies, BSD, Source BMX and Animal.

The DIG JAM is going to be held inside a Brewery in Leeds, which is as weird to say as it is to organise (not least given our straight edge roots and eternal problems with meeting deadlines). For us, the North of England is an area that for many years was the progressive heart of the UK BMX scene and somewhere that had (and continues to have) a huge influence on BMX street riding worldwide. It’s the perfect home for our first event.

We'll have a tight but fun street course setup with ledges, rails, flat banks, quarters and beer barrels. We'll also have a BMX pub quiz in the tap room, prizes for the worst lines and best tricks, an AM/PRO rail jam, a bunch of screenings showing classic Northern BMX videos such as Voices, NSF and Hit the Switch, and any other stupid ideas we can think of on the day. To top things off we have a photo exhibition by Ricky Adam featuring over 45 of his best prints from a special era in BMX shot for DIG in the North of England followed by a premiere of the new SUBSTANCE ‘At Home' video from Glasgow (the true North, let’s face it). Throw in a bar, coffee and cakes, some good grub, old and new friends and a special guest announcer, and you have the makings of a killer (average at worst) day out. So feel free join us in celebrating a bunch of 'what we reckon is great' about BMX on Saturday October 8th at the North Brewery in Leeds, England.




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