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26 Apr 2018

Vans Sydney 18 Winners

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The first Pro Stop of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup is in full swing this weekend at the Five Dock skatepark in Sydney, Australia 

Here's a look at who, and what will, and has, be going down over the weekend. Stay tuned here on DIG and to the DIG Instagram for  regular updates along with all the  videos, and look for our behind the scenes "IN THE CUT' video right after the event too.




1. Larry Edgar

2. Sergio Layos

3. Alex Hiam

4. Dennis Enarson

5. Chris James

6. Corey Walsh

7. Dylan Lewis

8. Jason Watts

9. Matty Cranmer

10. Pat Casey


VANS BEST TRICK – Dennis Enarson with his barspin to fence ride.

VANS BEST LINE – Alex Hiam with a 360 pocket transfer from the teardrop to the quarterpipe.


1. Jason Watts with his no hander to nose manual on the Red Bull extension.

2. Alex Hiam with his double peg grind to whip.

3. Gary Young with a sprocket lipslide on the Red Bull extension.



1. Teresa Azcoaga

2. Angie Marino

3. Ellie Chew

4. Perris Benegas

5. Nina Buitrago

6. Natalya Diehm

7. Camila Harambour


VANS BEST TRICK – Teresa Azcoaga with a no-hander over the spine.


1. Nina Buitrago with a double peg grind over the spine on the Red Bull extension.

2. Ellie Chew with a fastplant on the Red Bull extension

3. Teresa Azcoaga with her huge toboggan air.

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Sydney Overview
Larry Edgar Sydney By Colin Mackay

Larry Edgar getting things warmed up in the first practice session. Photo: Colin Mackay

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Sydney Park

"Vans BMX Pro Cup, the world’s leading platform for elite BMX park terrain competition, kicks off the 2018 World Tour this weekend as the series’ first Pro Tour stop welcomes the globe’s best park terrain BMX men and women riders to Five Dock, Australia on April 27 – 28. 2017 Australia event winner Sergio Layos will defend his title against 2017’s Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar and Australian locals Jason Watts and Alex Hiam during the series’ inaugural event for the season."

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"Leading into the series’ first 2018 Pro Tour event, the Vans BMX Pro Cup regional qualifier will take place on Friday, April 27. Open to eligible men and women pro BMX riders, the top three podium winners from Friday’s regional qualifier will be automatically seeded in the Tour Pro roster for the remaining 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Pro Tour, and will also secure an invite to the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships. Overall, top seven regional qualifier riders will advance to the main event on Saturday, April 28." -


Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2018 Tour Pros:

Larry Edgar               USA

Dennis Enarson        USA

Sergio Layos             ESP

Gary Young              USA

Matt Cordova            USA

Kevin Peraza            USA

Jason Watts              AUS

Corey Walsh             CAN

Pat Casey                 USA

Chase Hawk             USA


Vans BMX Pro Cup Australia Invitees & Qualifiers:

Douglas Oliveira        BRA

Kevin Kalkoff              FRA

Kris Fox                     USA

Corey Bohan             AUS

Alex Hiam                  AUS

Chris James               AUS

Matty Cranmer          USA

Boyd Hilder               AUS

Dylan Lewis               AUS

Jamie Cooper-Ellis    USA

Dan Foley                  USA

Cauan Madona         BRA

Ronnie Napolitan      USA

Greg Illingworth        ZAF

Maxime Charveron   FRA


Vans BMX Pro Cup Womens 2018 Tour Pros:

Hannah Roberts       USA

Macarena Perez       CHL

Nikki Wetzel              USA

Perris Benegas         USA

Nina Buitrago            USA

Teresa Azcoaga        ESP

Angie Marino             USA

Ellie Chew                 NZD

Dani Windhausen     USA


Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s Qualifier:

Camila Harambour    CHL


Procup Sydney 300X600

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Australia Schedule

Friday, April 27

Vans BMX Pro Cup Regional Qualifier – OPEN TO MEN & WOMEN REGISTRANTS


Saturday, April 28

Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s – Invitees Only


Vans BMX Pro Cup Men’s – Invitees Only


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