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"My bar angle is touchy to me"

17 Apr 2018

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Words & Photos by Jason 'Fooman' Colledge | 4Down

Hobie Doan is a name that’s becoming commonplace in the BMX world, and If you don’t know already who he is then you might  just be sleeping hard. He's currently over in the UK on a month long vacation with the first stop being Benny L's hometown of Liverpool. I managed to meet up with him for a quick catch up and a look at what he's riding. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hobie in the future; the guy's an animal!

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Frame: S&M UFO

Forks: S&M Pitchforks

Bars: Animal Empire State (temp)

Grips: Hoder

Chain: Hoder

Chain ring: S&M X-Man guarded

Pegs: Animal Benny L

Wheels: Odyssey 7ka

Front hub: Animal

Rear hub: Animal

Seat: S&M Coxie Director    

Seat clamp: Integrated

Stem: S&M Enduro V.2

Tyres: Animal GLH  

Headset: Animal 

Pedals: Animal Rat Trap

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How is this set up specific to your riding needs? 

She just feels good, I’ve kept my set up pretty similar throughout the years. 

Special mods? The paint jobs looking nice! 

Nothing special. I cut the bars down an inch. Threw a nice handful of paint at the whip to spice things up a bit. 

What are you most particular about on your bike? 

My bar angle is touchy to me, So I just tend to keep an eye on that when it feels like it’s moved a bit. I can’t stand riding different tires so I make sure to keep a good matching set on. Pretty much just run the rest as it is. 

Which parts do you go through the most?

I go through hub guards and sleeves a ton, most everything else lasts a bit. 

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"A lot of times if someone grabs my bike, they ask how the hell I ride with my stem so off."

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Do you like a dialled bike or prefer a more rough around the edges set up? 

Over the years I’ve become a lot more in-tune with keeping her dialled in. I used to just run my wheels into the ground and almost kinda like run it to the ground but these days I keep my wheels up best I can. I’ll run the rest pretty loose, Without my buddy Will Gurney lacing up all the new sets I get I would be screwed though, still never lace wheels myself. People tell me to tighten my chain a bunch but id rather just run it. A lot of times if someone grabs my bike, they ask how the hell I ride with my stem so off. It all feels strait after a morning backwoods to me.

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