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20 Apr 2018

Fbm Diy Trophy

In Conjunction with FBM BIKE CO

Semi Official Announcement status:

FBM Is Teaming up with DIG to bring you worlds first ever DIY World Championship Series, where one rider or VIP at each stop will be Awarded the coved golden cinderblock, with the series overall winner getting a free trip to Flo’s Clam Shack in Rhode Island for an 'All You Can Eat' buffet of anchovies, friend clams, a fishy Joe, and unsweetened Iced Tea!

Stop 1- FBM’s Cinco De Mayo at the Lost Bowl. Noon til Bert’s- We will have High Air in the pool, Bike pinata, sombreros, tacos, and live musicians (riding bikes), as well as a best trick!

Stop 1.5 Cinco De Bert-O’s - Billy’s backyard fiasco after party Saturday night May 5th (anything goes, bring dish soap)

Stop 2 - Sunday May 27th- FBM Best Trick at Gnarroboro at Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro North Carolina, more details to follow!

Stop 3 - Saturday June 9th at the SLAB in Southern Maryland with the Concrete Bombers crew, details to be announced, camping, grilling, chilling and more. Starts and Noonish!

We will be filming a 3 part series to be featured here on DIG BMX and a best of video that will be tentatively aired on Fox news on June 10th at 4 am.

Anyhow, Stoked to get a few fun weekends together to all get together, ride and get some kick.

Free to enter / No kooks / Addresses will not be made public (except Gnarrboro, thats at a bike shop - Google that shit!)

Thanks- Steve Crandall / FBM 

Fbm Stop 1 Lost Bowl
Fbm Stop 1 5 Dsc 0041
Fbm Stop 2 Gnarrboro
Fbm Stop 3 Slab1

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