Setups: Nathan Williams

New Sponsor, New Setup

15 Mar 2018

Nathan Setups 2018 By7 U8125

Photos by Kevin Connors

Nathan Williams caused probably the biggest stir in sponsor switch-up news of recent times with his move to KINK. We thought if ever there is a time to shoot a Setups feature then it's now - new bike, new residency... and find out how it's been treating himself and his four-legged friend Jameson.

By7 U7962

Full Name: Nathan Williams

Hometown: Nashville, Tenesse 

Current Residence: San Diego, CA

Sponsors: Kink BMX, Cinema, Etnies, Source BMX, Antidote

By7 U8060
By7 U7958

Frame: Kink Solace III 21.15 Top Tube

Fork: Kink CST 28mm offset

Bars: Kink Solace II Bars 9.25”

Stem: Kink Bold TL

Headset: Kink Integrated II Ti-Ceramic

Grips: Kink Samurai

Seat Post: Kink Stealth

Seat: Kink Hide

Cranks: Kink Pillar 170mm

Bottom bracket: Kink

Sprocket: Cinema Rewind 25T signature sprocket

Tires: Kink Sever 2.4”

Rims: Cinema 888 rim SAMPLE currently in testing

Rear Hub: Cinema FX2 Prototype FC Currently in testing

Rear Hub Guards: Cinema DR Guard, and CR Guard

Front Hub: Cinema VX2 Front hub

Front Hub Guards: Cinema CF Front hub guards

Pegs: Kink Drift 4.4”

Chain: Mission Half link

Kicks: etnies Jameson

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By7 U7955
By7 U7953
By7 U7959
By7 U7968

So you just got on Kink right after the first of the year, was it hard for you to pick out all new parts after years of the same sponsor?

No not really, I was excited to look through everything and find what I thought fit the best. I felt like a little kid on christmas!

Was there any sort of adjustment period setting up a completely new bike for you?

The only thing that I had to get used to was the geometry of the bars since they’re a little different to what I had been riding. That wasn’t a very long period though.

You don't see a 21.15 Top tube length too often. How has that been feeling for you?

It’s been great! The .15 isn’t that big of a change from a normal 21 in my opinion and since the backend is real short, it still feels really responsive and poppy but you have a bit of room in the front. 

By7 U7986
By7 U8006
By7 U7958
By7 U8019

Seems like Cinema has been non-stop pumping out all sorts of new products, how has everything been going with all the new product, is there any product in particular that were really a welcome and needed addition for you’re riding?

Yeah, it’s been great to see how refreshed everything has got. The new rims have been a great addition and i’m really happy with my new Rewind sprocket.

Is there any talk of future signature products with Kink?

At the moment we’re working on a frame and bars which should be out in the near future.

You recently randomly decided after another visit to SD to make the move permanent. How has San Diego been and what brought on that decision?

Well I had wanted to escape the cold in Nashville for the winter so I came out after christmas to stay for a few months, and my buddy had a room open at his place so it’s been an easy transition. Not so many people are riding back home now due to jobs and responsibilities, so at the moment it’s just a nice change. Plus I’ve been working on an iTunes part with Rigal so it's great to be able to have him so close to finishing things up.

Anything new coming up? I know you have been working on numerous projects.

Right now i’m just finishing up the iTunes project and then starting to work on the Kink video next month!

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