Kicker - Dennis Enarson - Haro BMX

One man and his mission to send it

14 May 2021

Video via Haro Bikes

New Dennis footage is always a stellar watch and his new video for Haro is just that. The ramp to nose bonk and first double bar were pulled far too casual. Some might have preferred if there'd been a bit of music backing this but people do seem to enjoy RAW videos more and more lately. Nothing quite like being a helmet rider and deciding to stick the dome on after you hit your head haha. Jokes aside, this was another great video from Dennis and it is quite interesting to see how much more a simple ramp can open up a spot. I think it was Cory Walsh who spoke about this in his Unclicked podcast recently, about how we should utilize making our own spots more. Could this be something we see more of? I'm down.

"Every BMXer remembers their first launch ramp. Seeing how many friends they could jump, how far they could jump and how high. That love for a good kicker will never die. And with travel and events being at an all time low the last year or so, it seemed like a great time to simplify things and take it back to the beginning. So we built kicker and cruised the streets of San Diego with Dennis Enarson for a couple sessions and here is what came of it. Enjoy." - Haro

Dennis Enarson is supported by Official DIG Partners: Haro / Vans