Down the Street with Dennis and Doeby

"It brought it back to being kids and just riding street in the neighborhood"

16 Aug 2016

Dennis Enarson Down The Street Golden Hour Means

Video byDoeby Photos byBrandon Means Interview byWes McGrath

What happens when you put two friends together in the city of San Diego with an idea that keeps the good times rolling? Well, if it's Dennis Enarson and Doeby Huynh, then you know it's going to be a high quality production. Here, Doeby brings you another one of his signature videos to the screen along with the ever jaw-dropping riding of the man himself. The concept of what 'BMX' used to be, and still is for most riders, hinges on the love and motivation you have to just get out there and explore your city, neighborhood or just that spot right outside your doorstep! These two truly represent what they set out to accomplish, good times on two wheels with nothing in their way but the beach breeze!

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Dennis Enarson - Down The Street

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Can you give us a little update on yourself? You have been on it the last couple of years and your work is always getting better… What have you been up to recently and where can we find more of your work?

Thanks man! This year has been crazy for me, I recently got back from Woodward filming with Kevin Peraza, Broc Raiford, and Alex Hiam for the Mongoos Jam video contest. Also, Dennis and I wrapped up our X-Games Real BMX video, so be on the look out for that in September. It's been Unreal to participate in these video events with some of the cinematographers I’ve always looked up to. Other than that, I’ve just been chilling in the dope So-cal weather, going between San Diego and Long beach  filming with all the homies. There isn’t one place to find my videos, but I constantly update my Instagram when a new video comes out.  Follow me on the gram dawgs @DOEBY

You’ve been living in California for a long time now making videos for us to enjoy, have you worked solo with Dennis before?

California has been the best for me, being able to eat, ride and film all year long in beautiful weather is a blessing. Unfortunately, I've worked with Dennis a few times before haha. It is awesome working with Dennis, we’ve worked on a CeekLife video last year and we also worked on an X-games Real BMX video this year. Definitely one of funniest dudes to work alongside!

So, what was the initial spark that made this specific video project begin?

It was pretty random actually, we were riding the local skatepark one day and Dennis just pitched me the idea. I didn't even hesitate to say yes. It was a cool idea, and I was stoked to be able to show kids that if you don't have access to a car, or the best gear, you can still make something cool. No matter the situation, work with what you got and make the best of it.

Dennis Enarson Doeby Down The Street Cheeky Means

Doeby may lean towards some antics while out and about but you know that doesn't keep him from getting the business handled.

"I guess it’s always better to suffer physically with a heavy bag, then leave something and suffer mentally over it all day haha!" -Doeby

Being a camera guy, we tend to enjoy the convenience of letting the vehicle carry our 30 plus pound camera bags around for us… How did this approach of filming affect you on a daily basis, was it all worth it in the end to travel and film without a car?

Haha I don't have a car in the first place, so this was nothing new to me. I've been pedaling everywhere all my life.  When Dennis hit me up about this video, I didn't even think twice. At the end, it was all worth it. Pedaling around, goofing off, jibbing around, and stumbling across spots was awesome. It was some of the most fun times I've had filming.

Did you find yourself leaving a lot of your filming accessories at home, keeping the camera bag smaller and more light weight, or did you bare the burden of a full bag for a crispy end result?

I don't have too much gear anyways, but I definitely packed my bag up as much as possible. I didn’t want be out and end up needing something I didn’t bring. I guess it’s always better to suffer physically with a heavy bag, then leave something and suffer mentally over it all day haha.

What was one of the biggest advantages you had on your side when you just left the house pedaling, not going from spot to spot in the car?

The main advantage I enjoyed was pedaling around made it much easier to stop somewhere to buy snacks haha. It was a great change to be able to pedal through streets that you don't think about driving through and finding spots. Your blood just flowing all day from pedaling so it's pretty cool to have a change from sleeping and stuffing my face with junk food from spot to spot inside a car.

Now that this video project is in the bag, are you happy with how it all turned out from the time you brainstormed the idea to now?

I’m so happy with how everything turned out. I'm so stoked Dennis hit me up to work on this video with him, it's been one of the most fun projects I've worked on. Dennis is the man…. Sometimes haha,  But working with him is always fun and full of laughs. 


Dennis Enarson Down The Street Curve Wall Sequence Means

This shows so many sides of Dennis, especially his precision and acute eye for a unique set up.

Have you worked with Doeby on any other projects before?

Yes, this is the third video we made together. The first one was our CEEKLIFE edit we made while I was shooting my Ride UK interview last year. Now, this 'Down The Street' video, as well as our X-Games Real Street part that we already finished but it doesn't drop till next month. I love filming with this guy. He has so much talent but really is doing it because he truly loves filming and BMX. Doeby is the man for real! 

Living in San Diego, California with so many amazing riders, doing so many projects seemingly all at once, how does it feel to just take it easy and pedal from your house with a couple friends and make something like this?

It definitely felt real good to be working on this project where we would just meet up and pedal from the house. It brought it back to being kids and just riding street in the neighborhood before any of us had cars. The pressure was at an all time low with this project because there really was no bad days. Even if we didn't get any clips we were always still stoked on the day. Ripping through the city with your homies never gets old. 

Can you remember how this whole project idea came about, did Doeby himself propose it to you or was it more of a collaborative idea?

It was my idea in the beginning. Since I moved to my new house right outside the city I've been pedaling from my house like crazy. My spot list started staking up and the idea came to me really naturally. Picking Doeby to film it was also obvious since we don't live far and he's always cruising the city too. I mentioned it to him and it was on from there. 

Dennis Enarson Down The Street Bar Tabaggon Means

Probably the best way to see Dennis throw a bar spin is with a little extra toboggan style at the end!

"Even if we didn't get any clips we were always still stoked on the day. Ripping through the city with your homies never gets old." -Dennis

How long has it been since you’ve filmed an entire video just for yourself, nothing else motivating you to get it finished rather than yourself and Doeby?

Every video I make is usually pretty self motivated. But I think this might have been the first video where it was all up to me and Doeby to finish. We could have kept working on it for years and there was nobody that would have ever pushed us to finish. We pretty much decided it was done once I just didn't have anymore spots that I wanted to hit pedaling distance from the house haha. I think it's a good thing I ran out of spots I wanted to film at or we probably would have kept going on this forever because it was so fun everyday we worked on it.

I assume from the level of riding and array of spot choice, this video wasn’t wrapped up in a short week or two… Could you tell us how long this project took to complete and also did it have to take a backseat in priority to any other things you may have been working on?

I think this video took around 6 months from start to finish. We've worked on and off with it since there's always trips we are both going on, as well as other projects I've been working on like my X-Games Real Street part. Also, I've been slowly working on a video part with Mike Mastroni that I want to be my best part to date, so I always need time to recover after meeting up with him haha. So actually, we probably spent about 10 to 12 full days out pedaling, spread out over 6 months. It was really nice though having no deadline what so ever. The only days we went out were the days we really wanted to. It was nothing but fun everyday we went out!

Dennis Enarson Down The Street Tires Whip Sequence Means

Definitely not your typical spot, but I'm sure whoever was inside watching spilt their milk over this one!

Can you give us some insight on what might have been one of the most difficult clips in this video to accomplish? Whether it be based on riding or security etc.?

The over crook 180 was probably the tightest spot with security. You only get one or two tries at that spot because security constantly sits right at the top of the set. The first day I tried it I ate shit right in front of the security guard so I had to come back the next day to get it. It's the one try rail in San Diego haha it's such a good spot though. They honestly need to just cap it or get rid of their security to stop giving everyone a headache over the spot haha.

Now that this video is live on the world wide web, is there any words of wisdom you can give to riders out there who may or may not be making videos for fun?

Ya for sure, be natural and make the video that suits your riding the most at the time. When you are just having fun and not stressing, that's when the best in most people's riding comes out. BMX is all about fun with your friends simple as that. 

Dennis Enarson Down The Street Tires 180 Tabaggon Means

Dennis goes so big on almost everything but this pop here is just a reminder of the ease with his high speed roll backs.

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