KillingMyTime in Canada

Two years of travels

10 Jul 2020

Video by Adam Cox

Australia's, Adam Cox of Mmm! Crew fame just posted an awesome one from his last few years of travel time in Canada, before moving back home. He put this together super well and features the likes of Corey Walsh, Jason Peterson, DIG's own Colton Ponto and waaaay more. This is a really sick watch.

"Aside from many epic road trips through North America over the past near 2 years this is how I spent the rest of my time in Vancouver, Canada. Sadly we left earlier than hoped due to Corona but still stoked to be able to piece this video together and to be able to get back to Australia safe. I am So grateful to of called this place home and to have made many new amazing friends for life. We will be back Vancouver." - Adam Cox


14 Dec 2018