The Latvian going hard in the streets of Spain

12 Dec 2017

Edited by Tom Silins

Kristaps Reimanis ventures from Latvia to the popular BMX destination of Malaga, Spain and not only manages to find some fresh spots, but film a hard hitting edit during his stay.

"With the amount of sunny and joyful videos you get from any part of Spain, here is one made of blood, sweat and attitude. Kristaps got robbed during his way to Malaga and was left with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Sorted out by the KINK team manager Jay Roe with some fresh softgoods, Kristaps continued to crush all the spots on his way one by one - just like a man on a mission." - PARBMX

Kristaps is supported by DIG Official Partner: KINK

PARBMX Athens 2015

11 May 2015