The Upload Continues

8 Mar 2023

Filmed and edited by Mikey Almodovar

Courtesy of Mikey Almodovar, we're premiering all the sections from the awesome LSF3 DVD, each week right here on DIG. Next up - Staten Island's Nick Ponterio.

"Nick Ponterio might not ring a bell at first, but in the history of East Coast street riding, in the early 2000s there was this Italian, pegless, brakeless, cassette rider nicknamed SPAM trailblazing his style of riding on the NYC streets. When people were still trying to imitate their favorite riders, SPAM became the Tri-state areas favorite rider. Staten Island's very own Nick Ponterio aka SPAM!" - Dan Diehl

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Full Sections from:

Dan Diehl - @dandiehl_lfs

Jordan Grandinetti - @jordyg193

Alex Avilla - @alex__avilla

Mikey Almodovar - @mikeyalmodovar

Nick Ponterio - @nbp_nick

Jeff Ludwig - @jeffwithglasses

Chris Dolan - @special3210

Doroba - @doroba

Teddy Medina - @realgho5tly

Steven Jones - @stevenmikejones

"The band is back together for one last hoorah, LFS3. This has been the hardest one yet - between missing tapes, cameras breaking, gnarly crashes, and life outside of riding, the team had to deal with a ton of adversity to get it done. We promise it was worth the wait. Filmed primarily on the east coast from 2017-2022. Enjoy!" - Mikey Almodovar


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