LIVE SLOW, RIDE FAST - Russell Brindley

Some Sweet Bones and being stoked on digging jumps

4 May 2016

Filmed and Edited by Brandon Boeck

Settle in for this great piece of work from Australia featuring T-1's Russell Brindley. It gives a little insight into his life from his children and his wife, as well as their organic vegan café Sweet Bones. Russell then roasts some trails and skateparks in true T-1er fashion.

"Anywhere in the world you can go to a set of trails, and there will be a handful of dudes absolutely ripping it, like riding really good, building good shit, and a lot of the time you've never heard of those dudes.They ain't part of BMX media or anything, thats just, thats real BMX." -Russell

Russell Brindley is supported by DIG Official Partner: VANS

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11 Feb 2016