Next level riding from Max and Igor Bespaliy, Sergei Nogaev and Kirill Shatalov

24 Sep 2021

Filmed and edited by Sergei Nogaev

We've got some jaw dropping riding for you in this one via Max and Igor Bespaliy, Sergei Nogaev and Kirill Shatalov. After flying out to Barcelona for what was originally meant to be a two week trip, the guys ended up being trapped there because of the COVID situation. You could get stuck in a lot of worse places I guess! Either way, the guys got some incredible footage out there and sure did make the most of their trip. Here's the full story via Sergei:

"After 40 days locked up in a house because of a lockdown, we went to a completely new Barcelona with free streets without tourists. Since all flights were closed, there were almost no ways to get home to Russia, we decided to stay. So, we have enough time to explore remote areas and try to shoot something unique in relation to the videos that we filmed earlier. Fortunately, I took a small handycam with me! So it took a couple months to get these clips, before the Twins started their monster project. It was an incredible experience: earning money abroad, everyday spots exploring in the areas we would never visited, parties on the roofs and the main thing - we met many good guys who made this trip the best! Much thanks to Viktor Bako, Santiago Laverde, Julian, Ellia boy and others for everything! Barcelona became our second home! Hope to visit it soon!" - Sergei Nogaev


17 Mar 2020