Some moody trailer vibes from Aus's next rad video project

27 Oct 2018

Filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson

This is going to be a good one, three years in the making and a stacked team. Looking forward to this one. Featuring Alex Hiam, Boyd Hilder, Brock Olive, Cody Pollard, Denby Chandler, Pat Johns, Mike Vockenson, Samson Ross, and Wilton Hedley.

"Mike Vockenson' s video project follows the LUX BMX team over the past 3 years as they work their way around Australia, from the rail ridden suburbs of Perth, the tropical energy of Cairns to the cold, dark hills of Hobart. AETERNA; meaning eternal and LUX; meaning light. The project illustrates the enduring drive and fortified passion of those involved in pushing the limits of strength and character, all in the name of a BMX video. To some, it may seem crazy, it might seem like an obsession, possessed even. The eternal light, it has possessed us all." - LUX

Boyd Hilder

1 Jan 2017