LUXBMX Aeterna - Samson Ross

Every spot takes a hammering in this

2 Mar 2020

Video by Mike Vockekenson

LUXBMX's first ever full-length DVD (which came free with DIG issue 99.99) is making it's way from the physical realm to the internet for all to see. Next up is Samson Ross - every spot takes a hammering in this. So much creativity in this and pool heads will be more than happy.

"Hailing from the sunshine coast Samson’s talents never seem to end from fishing to ceramics or mind-melting BMX tricks, Samson can do it all. It's this very reason he has had a seat on the LUXBMX family for a long time. When the talk of a Full-length Video started naturally Samson got to work, and with Mike Vockenson at the helm, we knew we were in for a treat. What they came up with was truly a representation of both Samson’s riding and a positive attitude to life. From carefully calculated tyre rides down handrails to getting lofty on the trails, Samsons Aeterna section will keep you watching from start to finish." - LUXBMX

LUXBMX is an official DIG partner