LUXBMX Aeterna - Brock Olive

"an insane array of tricks with a calm smooth style"

10 Feb 2020

Filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson | LUX are OFFICIAL DIG PARTNERS

LUXBMX's first ever full-length DVD (which came free with DIG issue 99.99) is making it's way from the physical realm to the internet for all to see. Next up is the awesome Brock Olive:

"A household name in the Australian BMX scene, Brock Olive has made a name for himself by incorporating his effortless style into bigger setups. Brock has been making waves with his insanely technical style for years. Brock's Aeterna section is a testament to his riding as he hits some of the best, most remote spots around Australia. The international pro and LUX's mail-order extraordinaire put his skills and bike to the test during the duration of the filming for Aeterna. From big feeble hard 360s on out-ledges to mind-melting back-wheel wizardry the second section starts with a bang as Brock spins, grinds, manuals, and lands just about every tick imaginable. With his insane array of tricks and calm smooth style, Brock's Aeterna section doesn't disappoint!" - LUX


27 Oct 2018