Madera's 10 Year Mixtape!

Erik Elstran, Dan Kruk, Dylan McCauley, Senior Hinkens, Grant C and many more shredding it up

24 Aug 2016

Filmed and Edited by Grant Castelluzzo | Additional Filming by Mike Hinkens, Dan Foley, Nate Depatger, and Zach Krejmas

A solid 25 minutes of shredding to celebrate 10 years of Madera!  As always Erik Elstran is too legit and does so many creative things, Tom Villarreal takes off his pegs and jumps everything and somehow doesn't fall, Taylor Thompson does a bunch of sick stuff, and Dan Kruk goes in Hard and gets a much celebrated bump to pro! Too many other rad sections and clips to name, you just have to see for yourself!