Matt Coplon - Year 41

That Daily Motivation

15 Jun 2018

Official DIG Partners: PROFILE

Putting out another full edit in the year after hitting level four is no small feat, but in between his hectic daily schedule, Matt Coplon continues to shed the Tampa Bay area and beyond. This is a documentation of Matt’s riding highlights during the last 12 months, and also a celebration of two decades of being with Profile.

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"In the Spring of 1998, Jeff Harrington, on behalf of Profile, asked if I'd ride for their brand. 20 years later, I couldn't see myself riding any other drive train. Celebrating both 20 years of riding for the brand (17 of those working closely here in the Profile factory) and the daily motivation I still feel upon turning 41, here's a collection of clips I've put together building up to that date. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy." - Matt Coplon

In collaboration with our Official DIG Partners:

"Thanks... To Profile Racing for 20 years of support. To Chad Degroot and Deco. To John Povah and Etnies. To Brian Schaefer and the Skatepark of Tampa. To Adi Gilbert and Folklore. To Steve Crandall and FBM. Thanks to Steve Caro, Ricky Moseley, Mike Hinkens, Eric "Easy" Fabrisiak, and Alan Shirley for motivation and assistance with filming. Extra thanks to Ariel Gunn, Adi Gilbert, Will and DIG BMX, Beth and Alan Shirley and especially Steve Caro for all their help and support." - Matt Coplon