Matt Ray - Shred Your Youth

Giving back in Boston

18 Aug 2016

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

Matt Ray giving back to the community with a BMX clinic at the new concrete park in Boston with the help of Clif Bar, Shadow, and Subrosa.  You never know what sort of positive impact these sort of events might have on kids in the area, and it's great to see Matt and these brands contribute to spreading word about this awesome thing we are all a part of.

"After becoming sponsored Subrosa pro rider Matt Ray didn't waste anytime before giving back to his local community and BMX.He teamed up with Clif Bar, Subrosa Brand, and The Shadow Conspiracy to hold a series of fun riding sessions and giveaways!  Hitting his local parks and riding spots around the Boston area and New Hampshire, Matt taught riders new tricks, showed off some of his, signed autographs, and presented new Subrosa complete bikes and prizes to some young riders! Get some behind the scenes prospective from Matt on growing BMX, giving back to fans, and why it's important to him.A huge thanks to Matt Ray, Nick Rice, Clif Bar, Patti Burris, Ryan Chadwick, The Shadow Conspiracy, Johnny Rivet, Beau Lambert, and Rye Airfield. " - Subrosa

2015 By Jesse Lane

29 Feb 2016