Mike Gray - Haro 2016

Mike Gray keeps stepping it up

3 Aug 2016

Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal / Photo by Joey Cobbs

After nine months of development, Mike Gray's Haro 2016 video is live and kicking.  Mike has a penchant for for roof setups and wild gaps, though has the bases more than covered on the technical side too.  I am still wondering how he managed to do a bunnyhop barspin to tuck no hander over a rail?  With each passing year and video project Mike just seems to keep stepping it up.  This one is sure to be on repeat for a while...

"Mike put a solid nine months into this project hammering it out in SoCal at spots in San Diego, LA, Irvine and Riverside. Mike is riding a Haro SDv2 and a white Haro CK sample frame in this.  Video by Christan Rigal shot in 4k.  Titles by Kelly Bolton" - Haro

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