Mongoose Jam UK - Street

Riding some skatepark street obstacles

8 Jul 2016

Video by Mongoose

For the Mongoose comp, the teams move over to the Skatepark street section where a few people keep it park and a few riders get creative. Team Peraza taking this section for the win.

"Day two started with the winning AMs joining their Pro teams for the street comp at Rush Skatepark in Stroud, UK. Each athlete had two 45 second runs, best score counts. All team members were welcome to ride. But, only the top two scores from each team counted towards their overall score. 

Murray Loubster was riding with an injured thumb he had dislocated the day before in practice. But, you couldn’t tell with the clean lines and landings he was pulling. Kriss Kyle was smooth as always with an alli-oop 360 out of the curved all ride and simple but styley fast plant off the ledge-top pyramid. Alex Donnachie showed off his down-rail skills with a fast plant to ice down and a double peg to 360 up. But, one of the crowd favorites was Kevin Peraza’s entrance into his run with a truck driver from the park course into the street course as well as a nose wheelie to 180 down one of the big ledges." -Mongoose