Odyssey 30 Year Jam

Celebrating a massive feat in BMX

11 Dec 2015

Filmed and edited by Ryan Fudger

Odyssey is one of the most respected companies in the industry and to see them open up their private facility to the public and ship out their entire team is brilliant. Witnessing Matt Nordstrom going pro is also a big highlight, you know he'll be doing good things in BMX for years to come.

"Odyssey opened up the doors to their private ramp facility to celebrate 30 years of innovation and kicking ass… Tons of heads were present, including the entire Odyssey team, pizza was ate, tricks were stomped, and the premiere of Odyssey’s most recent video, 3015 was premiered. And, to cap off one hell of a day, everyone got to witness Matt Nordstrom get the bump up to both the Odyssey and the Fit pro team." - Ride


29 Jun 2015