On The Couch - Wilton Hedley

Rundown of his Tempered Night Child frame

8 May 2020

Video by LUXBMX

Wilton Hedley is next up to give you a rundown of his latest Tempered Night Child rig on the LUX couch. Wilton is a serial bowl shralper and has a whip to match. Decked out with the full Tempered line this thing is built for speed.

"Wilton Hedley has been in the Brisbane scene for what feels like for ever. Finding a style of his own over the years and finding a bowl that suited his riding has really developed Wiltons ability to ride a little bit of everything with confidence and power. His latest video coming to you through our first full-length video "Aeterna" was truly a representation of Wiltons riding. High Speed, hold on and see what happens, all with a big grin and great attitude. Wilton came and sat on the couch to give us the rundown on his Tempered Night Child frame, dressed in tempered parts this rig is built to last what Wilton throughs at it." - LUXBMX

Wilton Hedley is supported by Official DIG Partners: LUXBMX | Tempered Goods