Panos Manaras Welcome To Demolition

Riding street, park, and trails like a beast

8 Sep 2017

Video by Anas Mansour

Demolition welcomes Panos Manaras to the team with a bang.  Street, park, and trails all handled like a beast!

"Panos Manaras has been working his ass off for a year on this Welcome to Demolition video with good friend and filmer, Anas Mansour. The spots ridden, song, filming, and editing is a perfect match on how Panos rides. This is a much watch for those that like to watch a good looking BMX video that portrays street, dirt and ramp in an amazing way.” - Demolition

Panos Manaras is supported by Official DIG Partners: DEMOLITION | VERDE | VANS


28 Nov 2016