Jasper Jones & Draven Wheeland

8 Dec 2019

Video by DFGESUS

"So we were filming for a DVD but both of my cameras decided to shit the bed and we ended up just deciding to throw what we had for these two guys together. I really tried to portray the fun we have just as much as how hard these guys shred. It is so amazing having the opportunity to film with these guys. They both have such incredible attitudes and neither of them give a single shit about their well being when it comes to riding. These two dudes are some of my best friends and also my absolute favorite bike riders. The scene here in Portland, OR has dramatically died down in the last few years. While we're all effected when a BMX scene starts to dwindle away a bit, these guys have taken it in stride and haven't missed a beat. They worked incredibly hard to produce this. I'm so grateful to call these amazing bike riders my friends and that they let me document what they do so I can make into something for the world to see. As you can tell, a lot of work went into the riding in this video but even more so than that we had a ridiculous amount of fun making it and that's what it always has been and always will be about."

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